Mesh Screens to Enjoy Your Deck

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Enjoying the outdoors won’t be a problem for this lake house owner! The problem this customer was facing, was that the deck on their lake house needed a little more protection from the sun during the day, and the mosquitos at night. “A simple screen room would have worked, but lacked the ability to move up and out of the way to fully enjoy the view of the lake,” says our lake house owner. “Goff’s bug screen door solved all of our problems and more!”

Our mesh screen door provides a little extra shade, 65% of shade to be exact, during the day, and keeps the bugs away at night. Whether these doors are open or closed, the beautiful view of the lake they have will never be obstructed. “I said it before, but I am most impressed with Goff’s ability to meet our exact needs. They took a primarily industrial product, and tailored it perfectly to our application,” says our homeowner who was looking to improve how their family enjoys their lake house property.

The fact that the door has the ability to roll up and down at their convenience was also a plus for this customer. It made it very easy to get in and out of the deck area with just the press of a button. “I am a happier home owner because of the features this mesh screen provides,” they stated.

“Goff's provided everything we could have hoped, while simultaneously improving the aesthetic of our property, which most companies could not provide.”

“Goff’s flexibility to meet our exact needs was second-to-none. We gave them exact measurements and they nailed it,” they stated. We’re happy we could create this custom door layout to meet their sight-line requests so their view wouldn’t be compromised. “The functionality is great, however what truly stood out to me was the design and aesthetic of the doors. The black mesh really integrates well into the house and does not appear industrial in our application. It looks very sleek and minimal,” our happy customer says.


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Complying with Aluminum Repair Guidelines

With the number of aluminum manufactured vehicles expected to grow, comes the growing problem of not having a space to repair these aluminum vehicles for the collision repair industry. In other words, auto body shops are equipped to repair steel based cars, but do not have the necessary space to repair aluminum vehicles.

The Importance of Separating Aluminum Vehicle Repair:

Chemically, aluminum and steel do not mix. Repairing these two different vehicle builds in separate places must occur to avoid corrosion possibilities, ultimately compromising the repair and jeopardizing safety. Therefore, the use of an enclosed system will efficiently contain any risk of cross-contamination.

What do you Need?

Make your auto body shop aluminum repair ready with Goff’s Aluminum Repair Bay. Our completely enclosed repair station, made with flexible curtain wall sides and a PVC tent-style top, creates maximum separation in your shop, without having to build costly and permanent walls. Sand, grind, cut and repair vehicles without worrying. Check this box in your shop, allowing you to meet important separation guidelines.


Excellence Comes Standard.

Made with our vinyl curtain walls, our aluminum bay station has a full drive-through configuration, making vehicle entrance and exit easy as ever. Furthermore, all aluminum bays come standard with full length industrial velcro for attaching curtains to one another, a floor sweep to seal any gaps for maximum containment, a chain weight bottom to keep system taut, and a clear PVC window and tent top to allow for natural light and vision.

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G1 Bug Screen Doors for the Home

Doors aren't just for businesses...

Goff’s G1 Bug Screen Doors are the best way to prevent birds, bugs and intruders, while allowing fresh airflow and a shade factor. Our team specializes in the production of bug screen roll-up doors, helping keep your space clean & comfortable, even at home!


The goal for this Wisconsin home owner was to block out the wind from the covered deck while still being able to see out to enjoy their outdoor living space. “The space seemed tight to mount the screen door to…” said the customer who installed these doors, but “we have sold commercial screen doors and knew this would work.” It ended up working well! What stood out the most to this customer about our G1 screen door was the fine mesh it is constructed with, the fact that it allows them to see out, while still blocking the wind, and that it can be opened and closed at their convenience. 

The customer shared that they have been impressed with the process in working with our sales team. “It was easy to communicate exact measurements and how we wanted it to work”.

“We are able to enjoy our deck more.”

The customer was not only happy that our screen doors keep the wind from blowing in during the warm month, but also snow in the cooler months allowing them to enjoy their deck all year round. Our mesh can help block bugs, wind, and even snow in some cases! A great feature of our doors is that the panels can easily be swapped out depending on the application. This feature stood out to this customer, allowing them to swap out their mesh panels for solid ones if needed in the winter. Our screen doors have helped them “enjoy the deck more”.


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Upgrade to the Smart Touch Screen on these 6 doors!

More than you expected.

At Goff’s, we have a little saying among our team that dictates how we do everything we do. “More than you expected.” Whether in communicating with our customers, assembling product, or engineering custom solutions, we aim to deliver above and beyond our customers expectations in whatever we touch.

With that being said, we’re proud to announce yet another improvement to our door line. You will now have the option to upgrade to our Smart Touch Screen interface on all Intelligent Control System doors.

What is the Smart Touch Screen?

The Goff’s Smart Touch Screen technology offers an easy-to-use interface for our Intelligent Control System. With the touch of a finger, and 5 easy-to-use screens, you can access real-time data from your Goff’s High Performance Vinyl Doors. Our touch screen takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting problems, monitoring usage, or day-to-day functionality.


5 Easy-to-Use Screens

The Goff’s Smart Touch Screen is based on 5 user friendly screens for a variety of functions. The Home Screen displays your auto-close timer countdown, as well as Open, Close, and Stop buttons for door functionality. The Setup Screen is used to specify how your door will function, set duration for the auto-close function, and more. The Diagnostics Screen simplifies safety checks and makes sure your door systems are up and running. This reduces downtime and lowers your cost of ownership. The Fault Log Screen displays numbered fault code logs for detailed records on any failures in your door system for faster servicing. Finally, the Data Log Screen keeps a detailed log of the door’s total cycle count and total energy usage.


What Door Models can you Upgrade to the Smart Touch Screen on?

Our touch screen interface can now be upgraded to on all Intelligent Control System driven doors. This includes our G2 5400, G2 4200, G2 2800, Wash Guard Elite car wash door, Clean Guard food processing door, and our Harsh Guard wash down door. These doors represent our high performance vinyl door line, each rated to perform at 120 cycles/hour, and feature the best lead time & warranty in the door industry.

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Join Us At The Car Wash Show 2022


The Car Wash Show 2022

This great show helps provide car wash operators with the information and products they need to keep their business up and running. This important event is set to return to Nashville with over 8,000 attendees and 400+ exhibitors with innovative products and technologies. This years show will also feature more speakers, panels and experts than ever before! You can find all events at the Music City Center, located at 201 Rep. John Lewis Way S in Nashville, TN. Moreover, by attending you’ll see products in action and spend quality time with multiple suppliers. Read on to check out why you should stop by Goff’s booth at the show!

Find Goff’s at Booth #138

Stop by booth #138 to see Goff’s ultimate car wash doors up close and personal! We will be exhibiting our two innovative car wash doors, Wash Guard Elite and Wash Guard Plus. Built with corrosion-resistant materials, our doors provide reliable and maintenance-free operation to keep you up and running. Get a close look at our Intelligent Control System with upgraded Smart Touch Screen, our Relay Control System and Standard Feature Package that our doors come delivered with. Run your doors with ease knowing all of our doors come with our industry leading warranty and comes standard with accessories other guys charge extra for.

Check out these doors in action and talk with our knowledgable Dealer Development Managers. They’ll show you how Goff’s products can help you and your customers increase productivity and profitability in your space!

Attend The Car Wash Show 2022

The Car Wash Show 2022 will be held May 9th – 11th, at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN. If you’re not already registered for the show, head over to their website to get started!



How Bug Doors Overcome Loading Dock Challenges

When part of your business relies on consistently moving products in and out of your loading dock, your choice in door can make a huge impact on profits and productivity. Goff’s bug doors on your loading dock can solve plenty of common problems you are experiencing.


Here’s 4 loading dock problems that can be solved with bug doors:

1. Productivity loss from opening and closing the door all day

Metal doors can be extremely slow to open and close and could even become a bottleneck to operations. After all, you don’t want to just leave the door open all day. However, our mesh bug doors can be fitted with high-powered motors that allow them to open and close within seconds to maximize productivity in your facility.

2. Choosing between ventilation and insects

Warehouses can easily become stuffy and difficult to work in, potentially making it difficult for your employees to work through if the temperatures are high enough. The problem is trying to achieve ventilation without letting bugs, pests and other potential contaminants into your warehouse. Bug doors are made to block those insects, while allowing natural airflow into your facility, creating a more comfortable work environment for your employees.

3. High energy costs

Another big bonus to utilizing bug doors in your loading dock is that they can significantly lower energy costs, particularly where air conditioning is concerned. The airflow our doors provide can reduce the need to run climate control within the warehouse, ultimately leading to lower energy bills. Not to mention our mesh provides a 65% shade factor eliminating sun exposure.

4. Expensive damage to doors

If, for example, a forklift accidentally runs into a heavy metal door, that’s going to leave a mark. The forklift, the door, or even both could be damaged, and that will get expensive to fix. Goff’s bug doors are designed to easily pop off their rails if an impact occurs and will auto reset itself back into its tracks. If damage happens to occur, swapping panels is easy and inexpensive to do on Goff’s doors.

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3 Big Advantages of Clean Guard

Wash Down your Facility with Ease

Goff’s Clean Guard door was designed & manufactured specifically for wash down purposes. This door delivers maximum up-time and productivity, while protecting areas from overspray and contamination. Our wash down door also:


01. Stands the Test of Time

Our wash down door is built with all non-corrosive, wash down ready material to take on your daily wash down tasks. Clean Guard is made with stainless steel components, fiberglass wind bars & chemical resistant PVC side guides to protect your door against any rust or deterioration, ensuring it lasts for years to come. Furthermore, it’s IP67 photo eye safety sensors and smart control system are specifically designed for wash down applications to stand the test of time.


02. Comes Standard with Premium Features

We believe all doors should perform to the highest of their ability without costing extra, that’s why Goff’s doors come standard with features other companies charge for. To provide environmental separation & prevent contaminants from gathering on the door’s inner components, we include a full width roll cover on all doors. Our wash down door is made with durable vinyl and clear PVC for visibility that can be easily and affordably replaced if ever needed. An auto-close time is included to ensure your space stays separated, minimizing wasted energy and cross-contamination. Lastly, our durable fiber glass wind bars won’t take a set or kink if impacted, always returning to their original shape. Goff’s standard premium features keeps your door running its best.

03. Rapid Utilization to Maximize Productivity

Since wash downs are required to happen so often, we designed Clean Guard to be fast & efficient to deliver maximum productivity in your facility. With the option to operate your door at 20″/sec or 42″/sec, our IP65 wash down rated motor and NEMA 4X Intelligent Control System with Smart Touch Screen will always reliably run your door when needed so wash down is a breeze.

Goff’s is here to help.

Our team at Goff’s Enterprises is here to guide you in choosing the highest quality door for your application. Start your project today by filling out our quote request form and getting in touch with our High Performance Door experts!


22 Doors Shipped in 5 Days

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Nearing the end of 2020, a large medical provider near Hartford Connecticut began setting up several drive through COVID testing sites. Using outdoor tents, they were looking to use high speed vinyl roll up doors at the entrance and exit. These doors not only make it easier for test givers to do their job safely, but also block out some of the cold weather and elements in the tent for a more comfortable testing environment.


Their request? 22 doors to outfit the tents. The challenge? They already had all the tents set up, and needed a door solution within a week to begin testing for their area! Most other door manufacturers would have said this was impossible, but at Goff’s, we pride ourselves in our ability to do everything possible to meet our customer needs. We worked with one of our local distributors to specify exactly what they needed to improve testing conditions, and got to work manufacturing their doors for their outdoor testing sites in record time.

Within just 5 business days, this project went from a signed order to the shipment of 22 doors, and the customer couldn’t have been happier. “They were actually impressed that we were able to work with them on their schedule,” said Greg Sliva with American Overhead Door, Inc., the distributor who handled this job.

“They were extremely appreciative and impressed with how fast Goff's manufactured the doors.”

Now that these sites are up and running, Greg is busy working with the hospital system to set up additional testing and vaccine administration sites. At Goff’s, space separation systems and high performance vinyl doors are our specialty, and our mission is to go above and beyond to deliver more than you expected. “Everything was labeled well, everything was organized, crated well, it just worked out really great…” recounted Greg after the project. “The tech support was awesome as well after the fact… All aspects of the job went well from the very beginning, so it was great working with you guys.” 5 days, 22 doors. Goff’s delivers more than you expected!


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