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Personal safety partitions separate areas of contact between individuals to increase safety & comfort.

Goff’s Personal Safety Partition provides the easy-to-implement sneeze guard PPE solution designed to separate areas of close contact between individuals and provide a safe and comfortable space to live, dine, or work in.

Hanging Partition


Portable Partition


Tabletop Partition


Tabletop Cubicle

Restaurants & Bars

Place partitions between tables to keep guests separated, safe, and comfortable while dining.

School & Office Desks

Personal safety partitions separate individual desks to help maintain safety.

Medical & Dental Offices

Separate areas of patient care to maximize capacity & opportunity to keep your community healthy.

Checkout & Customer Service

Place at your point of contact to ensure safety during transactions at your business.


Shield against the spread of contaminants and viruses in your spaces.


Easy to sanitize using disinfectant spray between uses to maximize safety.


Delivered in days & easy to install using included mounting hardware.


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Learn more about our sneeze guard PPE solution that’s sweeping the nation to aid in reopening with safety & comfort.

Goff’s Personal Safety Partition (PSP) prevent the spread of airborne contaminants and viruses. This improves safety and comfort as individuals slowly reacclimate themselves to what is sure to be the new normal. We’ve seen our employee safety partitions used in a variety of settings, like restaurants, dental offices, salons, and more. Finally, these sneeze shields comply with OSHA’s latest guidance on preparing spaces for COVID-19, safely providing a physical barrier to reduce exposure to hazards without relying on worker or visitor behavior. This helps everyone feel more comfortable when reengaging in society.

According to the company’s President, Tony Goff, “People are going to be concerned about airborne contaminants for the foreseeable future. Using these PSP’s, we hope that we can do our part to get things back to ‘normal’ faster and safer. Additionally, our partitions are available in both hanging and freestanding options in a wide range of standard sizes.

Our flexible safety partitions allow your team to maximize safety in your existing layout.
  • Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone has been instructed to comply with social distancing guidelines for our safety.
  • In addition, our employee safety partitions help improve comfort & safety by stopping the spread of airborne contaminants and viruses between individuals.
  • Personal Safety Partitions provide a sneeze guard barrier against the spread of germs or contaminants between individuals in close contact. These safety partitions are easy to sanitize & meet CDC guidelines for installing sneeze guards in areas where social distancing isn’t a plausible solution.
  • In other words, our safety partitions play a crucial role in preventing the risks brought on from the common sneeze or cough.

Goff’s Enterprises Inc. is based in Pewaukee, WI, and has been manufacturing a wide variety of space partitioning products for over 30 years. Goff’s provides industries with products to improve safety, productivity, and profitability.