Goff's Clean Curtain Walls

Maximize productivity by separating wash down areas.

Our wash down curtains allow you to keep separate lines or machines up and running while other go through wash down cycles, keeping your operation up to code while producing at optimal capacity.

Made in the USA and quickly shipped to your facility for expedited installation.

Made in the USA and quickly shipped to your facility for expedited installation.

Separate wash down areas with Goff's Clean Curtain Walls.

Clearly define work areas to increase plant efficiency & productivity.

Separate wash down areas with Goff's Clean Curtain Walls.

Available in a wide range of sizes for any custom configuration in your facility.

Separate wash down areas with Goff's Clean Curtain Walls.

Create flexible space without permanent or costly construction and additional taxes.


Clean Curtain Walls are built with the quality materials your food processing facility requires.

  • Heavy-duty 40 mil double polished clear USDA grade PVC material is non-porous and sheds water, solutions, and dirt.
  • Custom stainless steel track and trolley system uses flexible mounting points to simplify installation and is designed to move around obstructions in your plant.
  • Open trolley design prevents bacteria buildup to maximize sanitation cycle effectiveness & protect production areas.

A better fit than permanent walls.

Curtain walls go where traditional walls can’t, giving you the power to place walls where needed, open up spaces on demand, and create instant separation between areas to make wash down processes easy in your facility. Maximize productivity and profitability with food processing curtains.

Less down time.More productive hours.

Instead of having to shut down every production line for required wash down cycles, clean curtains allow you to separate off specific areas for sanitization while others continue to operate. Wash down curtains ensure less down time and more productive hours at your facility.


Maximize your clean space:

Designed for wash down and wet applications, our durable Clean Guard doors are the perfect addition to our food processing curtains, creating a fully integrated and accessible wash down area. Clean Guard helps you maximize sanitation in your facility to prevent cross-contamination in your work areas.

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Clean Curtain Walls Product Brochure
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Clean Curtain Premium Track System Installation Instructions
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Clean Curtain Track System Installation Instructions
Clean Curtain Track System Installation Instructions, Downloadinstallation-instructionscurtains clean-curtain-walls

Clean Curtain Track:

We offer two different track options for our Clean Curtains, depending on your mounting point availability & requirements for future relocation. Both options come with our stainless steel rollers.


Standard Track

Modular design crafted from 304 stainless steel with fixed support points that are configured to mount to existing building structural supports.


Open Trolley

Both track options feature our 304 stainless steel rollers that are rust and corrosion resistant for a reliable wash down operation. Open trolley design prevents bacterial buildup.


Premium Track

Modular design crafted from 304 stainless steel with flexible design that features multiple connection points across the length of the track. Integrated bracing for increased rigidity.


Antibacterial FDA approved material:

Our heavy-duty, double polished, clear PVC curtains are made with a heat-seal technology that fuses edges and seams, eliminating potential contamination and provides a clean and finished edge. These flexible curtains can take on high pressure washes and will stay in tact.


Single Curtain:

Use a single Clean Curtain Wall for instant lateral separation between spaces.


Two-Sided Curtain:

Create an L-shaped with your curtain to segment off a corner of your building.


Three-Sided Curtain:

Add a 3 sided Clean Curtain Wall configuration to one of your walls.


Four-Sided Curtain:

Build an entirely standalone space using a 4-sided Clean Curtain Wall design.

Goff’s Clean Curtain Walls are designed to separate areas of your facility that require wash down processes. Our PVC food processing curtains are manufactured in Pewaukee, WI using what we’ve learned from our 30+ years innovating curtain walls. Available in a range of sizes to best fit your unique application, our wash down curtains lessen down time and maximize production for your company. Each Clean Curtain Wall includes Goff’s best-in-class warranty and exceptional customer care & tech support, delivered fast with our industry-leading lead times.

Materials that last:

Goff’s wash down curtains are constructed with the quality materials your facility requires. Our heavy-duty 40 mil polished USDA grade PVC material is non-porous and sheds water, solutions, and dirty. Furthermore, our track, trolleys, and grommets are all stainless steel and are rust and corrosion resistant to stand the test of time. In addition, our clear material is heat sealed and never sewn to eliminate potential contamination.

Saving money all around:

Not only will eliminating the need to build costly permanent brick and mortar walls save you money, but the food processing curtains increase your production process increasing your company’s profitability. In other words, our wash down curtains eliminate the need to shut down your entire plant for required wash down. Instead, you can use your clean curtain to separate parts of your facility, so one can be washed down while the other continues production.

The set up:

Order as much track as needed to fit the dimensions of your curtain configuration system. This allows you to customize where you add your space separation. With several options mount your track directly to the wall, suspend from the ceiling, or choose a floor mount to further optimize your space.

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Easily Installed

Expert installation is available for rapid implementation, or included instructions can guide your team through our easy to set up system. Installation can be scheduled during down time for minimal facility interruption.

Guaranteed to Last

Every Goff’s Clean Curtain Wall system comes with a 5 year warranty from failure in normal use due to defects in material/workmanship, and a lifetime warranty on all track, rollers and hardware.

Here to Help

The Goff’s customer care & tech support team is available to answer any questions you have about your curtain wall system, making sure you get the most out of your investment at your facility.

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