Goff's Roll-Up Curtain Walls

Convenient & flexible separation in your facility.

Industrial roll-up curtains provide the same great separation as Original Curtain Walls, but are more concealed when not in use by allowing you to roll them up and out of the way on an aluminum tube. Vinyl roll-up curtains are designed to make space separation easy, while allowing for an open floor plan with the push of a button.

Made in the USA and quickly shipped to your facility for expedited installation.

Made in the USA and quickly shipped to your facility for expedited installation.

Separate wash down areas with Goff's Clean Curtain Walls.

Clearly define work areas to increase plant efficiency & productivity.

Separate wash down areas with Goff's Clean Curtain Walls.

Available in a wide range of sizes for any custom configuration in your facility.

Separate wash down areas with Goff's Clean Curtain Walls.

Create flexible space without permanent or costly construction and additional taxes.


Create a separate work area with easy access.

Combine our industrial roll-up curtains with our Original Curtain Walls to create a completely separate multi-sided work area that allows for easy access in and out of your space by simply activating your vinyl roll-up curtain with the push of a button. Eliminate the steps of manually moving your curtain walls out of the way in order to enter or exit.

Pre-Assembled for your Convenience:

All vinyl roll-up curtains ship pre-assembled to your facility to ensure the highest quality standards and to reduce install time. Simply mount your rolled-up assembly to the ceiling, apply power if applicable, and you’re up and running!

Premium Features come Standard

Our USA-manufactured Roll-Up Curtain Walls come standard with these premium features:

Aluminum roll tube allows your curtain to be rolled up and out of the way.


Upper curtain panel extends to the track creating coverage for the full height of your curtain.


Double Lock Stitching makes for and durable and long lasting curtain.


Clear window section maximizes light and visibility for safety and productivity.


Lower curtain panel provides a barrier from the window down to your floor.


Chain weight and fiberglass pultrusion bar keep your curtain straight.

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Goff's Product Warranties
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Motorized Roll-Up Curtain With SMC and Push-Button Station Electrical Instructions
Motorized Roll-Up Curtain With SMC and Push-Button Station Electrical Instructions, , Downloadwiring-diagramroll-up-curtain-walls motors-controllers curtains doors
Motorized Roll-Up Curtain With Toggle Switch Electrical Instructions
Motorized Roll-Up Curtain With Toggle Switch Electrical Instructions, , Downloadwiring-diagramcurtains roll-up-curtain-walls motors-controllers doors
Roll-Up Curtain Wall Product Brochure
Roll-Up Curtain Wall Product Brochure, Downloadproduct-brochurescurtains roll-up-curtain-walls
Manual Roll-Up Curtain Mounting & Assembly Instructions
Manual Roll-Up Curtain Mounting & Assembly Instructions, Downloadassembly-instructionscurtains roll-up-curtain-walls
Roll-Up Curtain Assembly Instructions
Roll-Up Curtain Assembly Instructions, Downloadassembly-instructionscurtains roll-up-curtain-walls

Powered Activation:

For frequent space access or push button convenience, choose our powered activation method in speeds of either 28″/sec or 18″/sec via in-tube motor concealed in roll tube.


Manual Activation:

For non-powered areas or less frequent access, choose our manual hand crank activation method, which manually moves the curtain to stay at any height.


Toggle Switch

Toggle Switch is standard on all powered G1 Bug Screen Doors.


Remote Control

Operate the door remotely from forklifts & vehicles maintaining productivity.


NEMA1 (3) Button

NEMA1 (3) button controller optional for powered G1 doors.


NEMA4 (3) Button

NEMA4 (3) button controller optional for outdoor applications.


Wind Ties

Secure your curtain walls in cases where wind or negative pressure is present. Available in standard and heavy duty styles.


Cleaner & Shield All

Easily and safely clean your entire curtain wall with our Cleaner, and provide a layer of protection with our Shield All coating.


Custom Branding

Personalize your curtain wall with company logos, slogans, or building area labels.

14oz Vinyl Colors

Standard with all roll-up curtains:

18oz Vinyl Colors

Optional upgrade for roll-up curtains:

Goff’s Roll-Up Curtain Walls are designed to provide your facility with flexible space partitions that allows for instant and easy access to other areas of your facility by activating your roll-up curtain up and out of the way on it’s aluminum tube. Vinyl roll-up curtains are manufactured in Pewaukee, WI using what we’ve learned from our 30+ years innovating curtain walls. Moreover, we allow you to build your curtain system from the ground up in a range of sizes, giving you the freedom of customization. Each Roll-Up Curtain Wall includes Goff’s best-in-class warranty and exceptional customer care & tech support, delivered fast with our industry-leading lead times.

Completely modular space:

Pair our industrial roll-up curtains with our Original Curtain Walls to create a fully functioning multi-sided, modular space. In other words, pair 3 curtain walls with 1 roll-up curtain for a 4 sided room that allows for easy and instant access to your separated space with the push of a button.

Premium comes standard:

With Goff’s industrial roll-up curtains, premium features come standard. These features include: a durable aluminum roll tube, double lock stitching, clear window section, chain weight and fiberglass pultrusion in a lower pocket, and more. Vinyl roll-up curtains come with everything you need to maximize your space while separating tasks.

Get more from your curtain wall:

Goff’s offers optional add-ons to upgrade your Roll-Up Curtain Wall system. Optional add-ons allow you to separate space exactly how your facility needs it.

Our roll-up curtains come standard with a toggle switch, however you have the opportunity to upgrade or add on additional control method to make it simple to activate your roll-up curtain anywhere, anytime. In addition, wind ties are a great option for areas with wind or negative pressure, keeping your curtain sturdy and in place. Take it up a notch and add custom branding to your curtain by choosing between our 12 color options of 14oz vinyl and 9 colors of 18oz vinyl. Even personalize your curtain with your company logo for complete branding.

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Easily Installed

Expert installation is available for rapid implementation, or included instructions can guide your team through our easy to set up system. Installation can be scheduled during down time for minimal facility interruption.

Guaranteed to Last

Every Goff’s Roll-Up Curtain Wall system comes with a 5 year warranty from failure in normal use due to defects in material/workmanship and also a 1 year warranty on all parts & labor.

Here to Help

The Goff’s customer care & tech support team is available to answer any questions you have about your curtain wall system. Above all, making sure you get the most out of your investment at your facility.

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