Goff's Machine Guard Doors

Ultimate safety addition during welding or machining operations.

Goff’s Machine Guard door provides a physical barrier between personnel and processes, blocking UV light & debris from workspaces during welding or machining operations, making it the ultimate safety addition to your automated manufacturing areas. Machine Guard is the perfect door for both machine safety and weld protection.

Safety Chain Pocket

Black and yellow safety bottom clearly marks Machine Guard Door safety zone.


PLe RF Sensors

The dual RF sensor interlock system prevents machine operation until door is fully closed.


Yellow Side Guides

Yellow powder coated side guides clearly marks Machine Guard Door safety zone.


Weld View Material

Weld view material blocks UV light, sparks and debris, keeping workspaces cleaner.

10 x 10 Machine Guard Door pictured with optional floor-mounted door support frame.

Goff's Machine Guard comes standard with premium features:

All wind bars include full end caps to reduce friction, and allows for easy panel replacement.

Fiberglass wind bars won’t take a set or kink if impacted, always returning to their original shape.

Constructed with durable 32 oz vinyl panels and a full width weld view window for safety.

Through-beam photo eye safety sensors to prevent door from closing when obstructed.


Intelligent Control System 2

Goff’s Intelligent Control System 2 features a PLC & VFD in a NEMA4X enclosure, with our Smart Touch Screen interface. This programmable system is available for all voltage/phase inputs.


Machine Guard Doors are available in sizes up to 16' x 16'.

32 oz Vinyl

Standard with Goff's durable 32 oz black vinyl

Weld View Window

Standard with Goff's red UV blocking weld view


Face Mount

Door is mounted directly onto the face of the wall around the opening.


Projection Mount

Mount your door over an existing bay door with stainless steel projection brackets.


In-Jamb Mount

Machine Guard can be installed in-jamb when needed to reduce footprint of the door.


Door Support Frame

Add a door opening to your curtain walls with our free-standing door support frame.

Goff’s line of high performance doors is built with variety to fit any application in your facility. Each vinyl door includes Goff’s best-in-class warranty and exceptional customer care & tech support, delivered fast with our industry-leading lead times.

Addition to your automated manufacturing areas:

Things to take into consideration when choosing the right high performance door for your facility include: traffic type, door size, environment of the application, and sensor & building systems integration needs.

Goff’s machine safety door comes at a speed of 42″/sec (120 cycles/hour) and can be built at any size up to 16′ x 16′. Perfect for automated manufacturing areas, Machine Guard includes 2 PLe RF sensors and interlock control and 1 through-beam photo eye safety sensor.

Safety comes standard:

Goff’s machine safety door is always constructed with and comes standard with safety elements to maximize and ensure safety in your facility. These safety elements include: 2 PLe RF sensors and interlock control, 1 through-beam photo eye safety sensors, black and yellow safety bottom, yellow powder coated side guides, and a full width UV blocking weld view window.

Furthermore, Machine Guard also comes standard with Goff’s Intelligent Control System with our Smart Touch Screen interface. Our touch screen simplifies your door operation and monitors safety systems.

Built to withstand your daily warehouse activity.

All Machine Guard doors come standard with 32 oz vinyl and UV blocking weld view. Furthermore, our doors include heavy duty pultruded fiberglass wind bars, a header box, and corrosion-proof powder coated tracks. Outfit your automated manufacturing areas with this door to provide a physical barrier between personnel and processes.

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Best in Class Warranty

Goff's Machine Guard Door come with our industry-leading warranty to cover everything bumper-to-bumper including parts & labor for 3 years against failure form normal use. Additionally, we cover the direct-drive motor for 5 years from date of purchase against defect or failure.

Fastest Industry Lead Times

With the industry’s fastest lead times, you can have your complete Machine Guard Door system installed to provide maximum efficiency at your facility in no time. This will minimize downtime & maximize productivity.

Customer Care & Tech Support

The Goff’s customer care & tech support team is available to answer any questions you have about your Machine Guard system, making sure you not only get the most out of your investment, but ensure it runs smoothly for years to come.

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