Goff's Sound Curtain Walls

Dependable industrial noise control curtains, available in hanging curtain or free-standing screen.

Goff’s acoustic curtain dampening material results in an average 10db reduction in industrial applications, protecting your employees’ hearing while improving their working conditions.

Separate wash down areas with Goff's Clean Curtain Walls.

Made in the USA and quickly shipped to your facility for expedited installation.

Separate wash down areas with Goff's Clean Curtain Walls.

Reduce noise by 10X between areas in your facility or from loud equipment.

Separate wash down areas with Goff's Clean Curtain Walls.

Available in a wide range of sizes for any custom configuration in your facility.

Separate wash down areas with Goff's Clean Curtain Walls.

Create flexible space without permanent or costly construction & additional taxes.

10db average noise reduction using Goff's Sound Curtain Walls

In our study, we observed an average noise reduction level of 10.75 dB! Our industrial noise control material helps protect your employee’s hearing and meets OSHA required noise reduction.


There when you need it, out of the way when you don't.

Our industrial noise control curtains and screens provide complete coverage for noise reduction when needed, but can also be moved out of the way when an open floorplan is needed. Installing permanent audio barriers means sacrificing the versatility of your space, but with Goff’s acoustic curtains you get the best of both worlds.


Hanging Sound Curtain Walls

Goff’s Sound Curtain Walls can be supplied with track & hardware to fit your dimensions & layout, with the ability to be reconfigured as needed, providing smooth, easy movement for years to come. 


Portable Sound Screens

Our portable acoustic screens are versatile allowing for easy mobility. Screes can be made in configurations of 2, 3, or 4 sides and can include hinge kits and casters like the enclosure shown above. 


No matter what your space requirements, our team is here to help.

Our curtains are made and shipped from our facility in Wisconsin, and our staff of space experts is here to answer any questions you have to make the most of every square foot of your facility. Contact us below to start the conversation.

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Sound Curtain Walls Product Brochure
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Sound Curtain Wall Track & Installation Instructions
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Hanging Curtain Hardware:

Every Goff’s Industrial Curtain Wall comes with these hardware components, including a variety of track mounting options based on your application.

  • Durable 16 Gauge Steel Track & Hardware allows you to easily move the Sound Curtain Wall out of the way when not in use.
  • Track system can be mounted in any space using one of 25+ different mounting brackets. Our curtain experts will help you pick the right mount for your facility.

Portable Screen Hardware:

Every Goff’s Industrial Curtain Wall comes with these hardware components, including a variety of track mounting options based on your application.

  • Heavy duty 1-3/16″ extruded aluminum frame features integrated stackable feet to sturdily support your screen in your shop.
  • Grommet and screw design allows you to easily mount your screen to the frame.
  • Optional hinge & caster kit allows your multi-panel screen to be folded down to the size of a single panel, while providing mobility through the rail-mounted casters.

Threaded Rod Support

Suspends track when there isn’t any available structures to attach too.


Beam Flange Support

Clamp design used to secure track directly to a the edge of a beam.


Wall End Mount Support

Ability to mount your track directly to the wall or other vertical surfaces.


Ceiling Support

Ability to mount your track directly to the ceiling or other horizontal surfaces.


Floor Support

Flexibility to free-stand your curtain system anywhere you choose.


Wind Ties

Secure your curtain walls in cases where wind or negative pressure is present. Available in standard and heavy duty styles.


Floor Sweep

Double sided floor sweep attaches to the bottom edge of the curtain to create a complete seal at the floor. Great for uneven floors!


Upper Valance Panel

Optional sound valance can be added to seal open areas above and below the track for a complete sound seal.


Hinge & Caster Kit

Upgrade your free-standing Sound Screen with folding hinges and casters for ultimate mobility around your facility.

18oz Vinyl Colors

Custom colors available on request:


Single Curtain:

Use a single sound curtain wall to separate louder areas laterally.


Two-Sided Curtain:

Corner off noisy equipment to provide a quieter work area.


Three-Sided Curtain:

Utilize a U-shaped sound curtain against a wall to create an isolated room for equipment.


Four-Sided Curtain:

Create a free-standing sound isolation curtain area for noisy equipment.


Single Screen:

Use a single sound screen to reduce directional sources of noise.


Two-Sided Screen:

Use an L-shaped sound screen to corner off noisy equipment.


Three-Sided Screen:

Add a U-shaped sound screen against a wall to create an isolated space for equipment.


Four-Sided Screen:

Separate isolated noisy equipment using a 4-sided sound screen.

Goff’s Sound Curtain Walls are designed to provide your facility with flexible space partitions will minimize harmful sound levels. Acoustic curtains walls are manufactured in Pewaukee, WI using what we’ve learned from our 30+ years innovating curtain walls. Moreover, we allow you to configure your curtain or screen system from the ground up in a range of sizes, giving you the freedom of customization. Each noise control curtain includes Goff’s best-in-class warranty and exceptional customer care & tech support, delivered fast with our industry-leading lead times.

Options and accessories to increase your ROI:

Sound Curtain Walls are custom made to fit your facility, increasing in efficiency when paired with an upper valance seal and lower floor sweeps. Goff’s industrial noise control solution allows you to minimize harmful noise in your facility to protect your employees’ hearing and give them a better place to work.

The set up:

When ordering, your Goff’s representative will help you configure a custom track solution to fit your facility perfectly. If you’re looking for floor-standing screens, we can configure the right combination to meet your needs. This allows you to customize where you add your noise separation. With several options mount your track directly to the wall, suspend from the ceiling, or choose a floor mount to further optimize your space.

Submit a quote now to get your acoustic curtains ordered and start maximizing space and reducing noise in your facility!

Easily Installed

Expert installation is available for rapid implementation, or included instructions can guide your team through our easy to set up system. Installation can be scheduled during down time for minimal facility interruption.

Guaranteed to Last

Every Goff’s Sound Curtain Wall system comes with a 5 year warranty from failure in normal use due to defects in material/workmanship, and a lifetime warranty on all track, rollers and hardware.

Here to Help

The Goff’s customer care & tech support team is available to answer any questions you have about your curtain wall system. Above all, making sure you get the most out of your investment at your facility.

Ready to reduce noise at your facility?

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