Goff's Strip Doors

Simple solution for separating environments.

Vinyl strip doors are a minimally intrusive solution to separating different areas of your facility and help block off elements like dust, noise and temperature. These separators allow for easy and unrestricted access between rooms for workers and are transparent to allow for full visibility through to the other side.

Separate your environments to block dust, temperature, noise and insects.

Easier access between separated spaces for pedestrians and machinery.

Minimally intrusive design that allows for full visibility through to the other side.

Versatile Mounting Included:

Our vinyl strip doors allow for multiple mounting options including under header mount, face of wall mount, projection mount and sliding accordion style to ensure you get the best fit for your application.


Strip Doors for every area of your facility:

We have different options to fit any unique application you have.



Standard PVC strips for easy access to other areas.


USDA Grade

Strips that help your facility meet USDA requirements.


Low Temperature

Can be installed in applications as cold as -40 degrees.



Ideal for your frequently used heavy equipment areas.



Block harmful UV light from your welding areas.



Strips with anti-static elements to eliminate static electricity.


Orange Safety

Orange strips available for your additional safety requirements.


Bug Repellent

Bug repellent strips available to reduce insect entry to facility.


Interested in bulk rolls?

Bulk rolls of our PVC strips are available for purchase in strips of 4″-48″ wide, .060″-.160″ thick and up to 300′ in length. These bulk rolls are available in multiple materials to best fit your unique application. Head to our shop page to purchase your bulk PVC rolls instantly!

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Traffic Type

Strip Width

Strip Thickness


Light traffic:
Interior doors up to 10′ H and exterior doors up to 8′ H. Ideal for pedestrians.

8″ Strips

.080″ Thick

50% Overlap

Medium traffic:
Interior and exterior doors up to 15′ H. Ideal for lightweight machinery.

12″ Strips

.120″ Thick

67% Overlap

Heavy traffic:
Traffic doors 14′ or higher. Ideal for vehicles and heavy machinery.

16″ Strips

.160″ Thick

50% Overlap

Goff’s vinyl Strip Doors are designed to provide your facility with flexible space partitions that allows for instant and easy access to other areas of your facility. Strip Doors are manufactured in Pewaukee, WI using what we’ve learned from our 30+ years innovating curtain walls. Moreover, we allow you to build your curtain system from the ground up in a range of sizes, giving you the freedom of customization. Each Strip Door includes Goff’s best-in-class warranty and exceptional customer care & tech support, delivered fast with our industry-leading lead times.

Material + Applications:

Goff’s vinyl Strip Doors are made to fit any space in your facility. Whether it be a welding area, low temp area, or a space that requires additional safety precautions, we have different colors and material for you to choose from to best bit your unique application.

Depending on your traffic and frequency of use, we recommend different sized strips. In other words, if you have light traffic that only pedestrians will be using, we recommend 8″ strips, at a .080″ thickness, overlapping 50%. As your traffic frequency and type of traffic increases, so does our recommended strip width and thickness. For more help, submit a quote.

More to offer:

Our vinyl Strip Doors also allow for multiple mounting methods to fit your space. Our options include under header mount, face of wall mount, projection mount and sliding accordion style. Furthermore, you have the option to buy strips in bulk. We have bulk rolls available in strips of 4″-48″ wide, .060″-.160″ thick and up to 300′ in length.

Easily Installed

Expert installation is available for rapid implementation, or included instructions can guide your team through our easy to set up system. Installation can be scheduled during down time for minimal facility interruption.

Guaranteed to Last

Every Goff’s Strip Door system comes with a 5 year warranty from failure in normal use due to defects in material/workmanship, and a lifetime warranty on all of the mounting hardware.

Here to Help

The Goff’s customer care & tech support team is available to answer any questions you have about your Strip Door system. Above all, making sure you get the most out of your investment at your facility.

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