Goff's G1 Bug Screen Doors

Bring fresh air into your facility while keeping birds, bugs, and intruders out.

Dock door bug screens are the best way to prevent birds, bugs, and intruders from your facility while allowing fresh air inside. Our team at Goff’s specializes in the production of bug screen roll-up doors, keeping your facility cleaner & more comfortable. Our G1 door system ships with preassembled components, making it easier to mount and more reliable than other bug screen doors.

Swap mesh panels for solid during colder months to maintain space and climate separation.

65% shade factor significantly reduces heat from the sun allowing light & fresh air into work areas.

Corrosion resistant and durable construction stands the rest of time.

Easily Change or Replace Panels

Whether you damage a panel in your Goff’s bug screen door, or want to swap to solid panels for the winter months, Goff’s has you covered. We designed our panels to be easy-to-replace and affordable. Whether providing additional panels with your order, or shipping replacements within a couple of business days, swapping panels is simple.


G1 Standard

The G1 Standard bug screen roll up door includes a standard header box roll cover and is available up to 12 x 12.


G1 Plus

Includes everything available for our standard dock door bug screen with the addition of a premium header box roll cover.



Includes everything available for our G1 Plus dock door bug screen and is available up to 12 x 14 for taller openings.

10 x 10 G1 Standard Chain Hoist door pictured with blue mesh door panels featuring Bug & Pest Barrier option.


Simplified Installation

Forget the other guy’s bag of loose parts. We pre-assemble every door’s major components into 3 major pieces to ensure the highest quality standards and reduce install time.


Fiberglass Wind Bars

Fiberglass wind bars yield to direct impact without permanent damage adding to the durability of the door. In addition, they do not rust or corrode in wet applications.


Pest-Proofing Included

Our projection-mounted door tracks come with pre-installed side seal panels that are properly sized to make installation and pest-proofing a breeze!

Upgrade your Goff's Bug Screen Door:

Provide OSHA-required fall protection at your loading dock with a Fall Guard Door.

Did you know that 25% of all injuries at manufacturing facilities occur at the loading dock? Upgrade your bug screen door to provide the ultimate loading dock fall protection system with Fall Guard, our patent pending market-leading safety system solution for the loading dock. Combine the convenience of a bug screen door with fall protection prevention.

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Powered In-Tube Motor

Goff’s In-Tube Motor can operate at 12″/second or 6″/second and is completely concealed within the door’s roll tube, eliminating external damage and wear.


Chain Hoist with Integrated Brake

Our reliable Chain Hoist operator requires no maintenance, and features an integrated brake to securely stop the door at any point in the opening.


Hand Crank with Drill Assist

Manual hand crank can be used to operate your door manually. Optional drill attachment also available to hook up your power drill for quicker operation.


Manual Spring System

Operate your door manually by pulling the strap on the door, and securely lock it into place using the provided pin in the side guide holes.

Every space is different. Make sure your door is the perfect fit.


Toggle Switch

Toggle Switch is standard on all powered G1 Bug Screen Doors.


Remote Control

Operate the door remotely from forklifts & vehicles maintaining productivity.


Pull Cord

Easy operation in close proximity for pedestrians, forklift, & vehicle drivers.


NEMA 1 (3) Button

NEMA1 (3) button controller optional for powered G1 doors.


Safety Sensor

Reflective Photo Eye safety option available on powered doors.


Premium Box

Premium header box roll cover available for increased door durability.


Locking Device

Locking device available to provide extra security at your loading dock.

Bug Mesh Colors

11 x 17 mesh allows airflow through the door & provides a 65% shade factor. Additional custom colors available upon request.

18oz Vinyl Colors

18 oz. vinyl available at minimal up-charge. Clear vision panels are available for no additional charge. Additional custom colors available upon request.

Bird Mesh

Bird Mesh available for an up-charge to create a wider ventilation for more airflow while still keeping the birds out of your facility.


Face Mount

Door is mounted directly onto the face of the wall around the opening.


Projection Mount

Mount your door over an existing bay door with projection brackets.


In-Jamb Mount

Mount your door within your door frame or in-jamb.


Door Support Frame

Add a door opening to your curtain walls with our free-standing door support frame.

Goff’s line of dock door bug screens are designed to provide your facility with the convenience of natural air flow and light, while preventing bugs and pests from entering your facility. While most solutions on the market are simply cheap versions of other door designs, cutting corners on quality and longevity, Goff’s G1 bug screen roll up doors are the better engineered, longer lasting solution for your low to medium traffic doors. Each custom dock door bug screen includes Goff’s best-in-class warranty and exceptional customer care & tech support, delivered fast with our industry-leading lead times.

Choosing your door:

Things to take into consideration when choosing the right bug screen door for your facility include: traffic type, door size, environment of the application, and sensor & building systems integration needs.

Goff’s bug screen roll up doors are available in a range of speeds and sizes. We offer powered in-tube motor options that operate at 12″/second or 6″/second. Chain hoist, hand crank with or without a drill, and manual spring system are additional activation methods offered with these bug doors. Standard G1 bug screen doors come available up to 12 x 12 but there is an upgrade to a G1 XL if you need to accommodate a door size up to 12 x 14. Whether you prefer manual or automatic door activation, or have applications larger than normal, you’ll find a door that fits your needs.

Custom options:

Goff’s line of custom bug screen roll up doors feature a variety of colors and material options for door panels & headers. Take your company branding to another level by creating an appealing appearance, boosting company moral! Moreover, with up to 8 mesh color options, you can customize panels to draw attention to the door. On the other hand, you can choose colors to compliment your building colors.

In the same vein, panels are easily replaceable in case of damage. There is no need to replace the entire door. Instead, replace the individual panel that is damaged. These are affordable and quickly shipped as needed. Similarly, you can change out the panels based on season. In the summer months utilize the mesh option for the natural ventilation described earlier or add solid vinyl for added insulation.

Protect your facility from bugs, birds, and intruders.

Allow natural airflow without the unwanted visitors! Goff’s dock door bug screens feature upper, side, and floor seals to ensure a complete barrier solution, helping improve productivity & morale in your facility.

Improve comfort and reduce energy costs… all year round.

Goff’s easy-to-replace door panel system lets you swap out panels as seasons change to maximize your potential savings. Mesh panels can provide a 65% shade factor, while allowing natural air flow to improve employee comfort. In colder months, you can easily swap out panels for solid vinyl to save on heating costs, while preventing your building contents from excessive wind entry. Moreover, these factors also help keep employees comfortable and intern help productivity.

Built to withstand your daily warehouse activity.

All G1 doors come standard with heavy duty pultruded fiberglass wind bars and corrosion-proof PVC tracks. Designed to minimize moving parts, and featuring easy-to-replace parts, our bug screen can keep you up and running, maximizing productivity potential for your warehouse.

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Best In Class Warranty

Goff’s offers a best-in-class warranty for the G1 series from failure in normal use for a period of 2 years for parts and 1 year for labor. This warranty includes all parts and labor as approved by Goff’s tech support team to keep you up and running. See Product Warranties document for G1 Spring Assist warranty.

Fastest Industry Lead Times

With the industry’s fastest lead times, you can have your complete G1 Door System installed and active to provide maximum efficiency at your facility in no time. Therefore minimizing downtime & maximizing productivity.

Customer Care & Tech Support

The Goff’s customer care & tech support team is available to answer any questions you have about your G1 Bug Screen system, making sure you not only get the most out of your investment, but ensure it runs smoothly for years to come.

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