Goff's Pit-Style Dock Levelers

For heavy-duty load capacities.

Designed to withstand heavy loads and frequent use, Goff’s Pit-Style Dock Levelers are used to bridge the gap between your loading dock and a trailer for efficient loading and unloading. Recessed right into a pit at the loading dock, pit-style levelers are flush with the dock when not in use, and can be easily activated for a smooth loading process.

Versatile for application.

Pit-style levelers can accommodate a wide range of truck heights, making it suitable for any facility.

Continuous durability.

Built to take on frequent loading dock use and can handle heavy loads, making it a reliable and durable loading dock necessity.

Quick & easy operation.

Manually or hydraulically operated with a simple chain or button, pit-style levelers can be deployed simply for quick use.


Goff’s Edge of Dock Levelers are designed for light to moderate capacities with a range up to 30,000 lbs. All EOD’s are built with a durable high tensile strength steel, steel bumper blocks with molded rubber bumpers, 16″ bumper projection and milled lip edge for smooth tire rollover.

Pit-Style Dock Levelers

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Mechanical Pit-Style Leveler

Goff's manual pit-style leveler is operated by simply pulling the release chain at the rear of the platform to activate the system into service ready position.

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Hydraulic Pit-Style Leveler

Goff's hydraulic pit-style leveler is operated by a simple push of a button to control the platform to activate the system into service ready position.

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Safety Features:

Dual cross traffic pedestals

Full range toe guards

Integral maintenance struts

Structural lip keepers

Factory installed brush weather seal

Spray foam insulated deck

Custom bumper size

Goff’s pit-style levelers provide an easy way to improve efficiency at the loading dock for those heavy and frequent loading dock jobs. Each pit-style dock leveler come with Goff’s best-in-class warranty and exceptional customer care & tech support, delivered fast with our industry-leading lead times.

Mechanical & hydraulic:

Choose between our two different operations: mechanical and hydraulic. Our mechanical pit-style leveler has a simple pull chain activation. The attendant simply puts the release chain at the rear of the platform to activate the system. The hydraulic option can be operated with the push of a button, therefore being an easier option.

Our construction:

Goff’s line of pit-style levelers are designed for heavy-duty applications. All levelers are built with a durable four-sided box construction. The use of structural box beams or “I” beams create considerable more deck strength Overall, these units are designed for heavy-duty applications.

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Goff's Warranty

Goff’s offers a 5-year structural warranty for the pit-style series and 1-year on all other components. Extended structural warranties are available with complete application survey and review for approval.

Fastest Industry Lead Times

With the industry’s fastest lead times, you can have your complete pit-style leveler system installed and active to provide maximum efficiency at your facility in no time. Therefore minimizing downtime & maximizing productivity.

Customer Care & Tech Support

The Goff’s customer care & tech support team is available to answer any questions you have about pit-style leveler making sure you not only get the most out of your investment, but ensure it runs smoothly for years to come.

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