Goff's Dock Guard Doors

Fall protection, wind resistance, and reduced costs at your loading dock.

The Dock Guard Door reduces maintenance costs and down time due to door impacts and damage at busy loading docks.

Maximum wind bars spanning the full-height for loading dock fall protection.

Exceeds OSHA 1910.28 & 1910.29 standards for loading dock fall protection & prevention.

Easy-to-activate visual and physical barrier improves safety & security at your dock.

Other systems check a box.Fall Guard keeps your people safe.

The other guys focus on simply checking the OSHA box, leaving a majority of the dock opening for possible falls and injury above or through their barrier. Fall Guard provides the ultimate loading dock fall protection to ensure complete safety and security by covering the entire opening.


8 x 10 Dock Guard door pictured with blue 26oz solid vinyl door panels featuring the double pad lock option.


Additional Fall Protection

Not only are our maximum amount of wind bars better for wind resistance but the concentration of reinforced wind bars near the bottom of the door creates a safe zone that exceeds OSHA’s requirements for fall protection.

Goff's doors come standard with premium features:

All wind bars include full end caps to reduce friction and allow for easy panel replacement.

Fiberglass wind bars won’t take a set or kink if impacted, always returning to their original shape.

Pre-assembly minimizes your installation time and ensures high quality standards.

Stainless Steel hardware comes standard on Dock Guard to protect against corrosion.



In-Tube Motor

Maximize efficiency at your loading dock with our 18"/sec 110 Volt In-Tube Motor! This option is completely concealed within the door's roll tube, eliminating any external damage or wear.



Manual Chain Hoist

Our Chain Hoist operator utilizes a 4:1 gear ratio for easy operation, and features an integrated brake to securely stop the door at any point in the opening.

Mesh or Vinyl Panels

Allow natural air flow and ventilation into your building. When using mesh panels, the Dock Guard can provide a 65% shade factor keeping your employees safe, comfortable, and productive.

Bug & Pest Barrier

Unlock the full potential of your dock door by adding side and top seals to your Dock Guard door to prevent unwanted pests and bugs from entering your building while dock doors are open and the Dock Guard is in place.

Plug and Play

Simplify installation and electrical work with our plug and play pre-wired option! Simply mount the switchbox and plug into an outlet, and you’re good to go. No need to hire a costly electrician with this option.

Locking Device

A locking device is available to be added to the bottom of your door, providing extra security at your loading dock. This can be installed on both sides of the door.


Dock Guard Doors are available in sizes up to 10' x 12'.

26oz Vinyl Colors

Custom colors available on request:


Face Mount

Door is mounted directly onto the face of the wall around the opening.


Projection Mount

Mount your door over an existing bay door with stainless steel projection brackets.


In-Jamb Mount

Mount your door within your door frame or in-jamb.


Door Support Frame

Add a door opening to your curtain walls with our free-standing door support frame.

We designed Goff’s Dock Guard door to reduce maintenance costs and down time due to door impacts and damage at busy loading docks. Keep your large overhead doors open and primarily use the Dock Guard door throughout operating hours to continue to keep the elements out but creating quick access to inbound and outbound shipments. In addition, each custom Dock Guard loading dock door includes Goff’s best-in-class warranty and exceptional customer care & tech support, delivered fast with our industry-leading lead times.

Choosing Dock Guard:

Things to take into consideration when choosing the right loading dock door for your facility include: traffic type, door size, environment of the application, and sensor & building systems integration needs.

Goff’s Dock Guard doors are available in a range of speeds and sizes. We offer powered in-tube motor options that operate at 18″/second and manual chain hoist. Our Dock Guard door is available in sizes up to 10 x 12. Whether you prefer manual or automatic door activation, you’ll find a door that fits your needs.

Custom options:

Goff’s Dock Guard features a variety of colors and material options for door panels & headers. Therefore, you can take your company branding to another level by creating an appealing appearance, boosting company moral! Moreover, with up to 4 in stock vinyl color options, you can customize panels to draw attention to the door. On the other hand, you can choose colors to compliment your building colors.

In the same vein, panels are easily replaceable in case of damage. In other words, there is no need to replace the entire door. Instead, just replace the individual panel that is damaged. These are affordable and quickly shipped as needed. Similarly, you can change out the panels based on season. In the summer months utilize the mesh option for the natural ventilation described earlier or add solid vinyl for added insulation.

Protect your loading dock & eliminate bugs.

Protect your loading dock while allowing natural airflow and eliminating unwanted visitors! Goff’s loading dock door can feature upper, side, and floor seals to ensure a complete barrier solution. As a result, this helps improve productivity & morale in your facility.

Reduce maintenance costs and withstand your daily warehouse activity.

All Dock Guard doors come standard with heavy duty pultruded fiberglass wind bars and corrosion-proof stainless steel tracks. Our dock door can reduce maintenance costs and downtime, maximizing productivity potential for your warehouse.

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Best in Class Warranty

Goff’s offers a best-in-class warranty for the Dock Guard from failure in normal use for a period of 2 years for parts and 1 year for labor. This warranty includes all parts and labor as approved by Goff’s tech support team to keep you up and running.

Fastest Industry Lead Times

With consistent lead times, you can have your complete Dock Guard safety system installed and active to provide maximum protection at your dock doors in no time.

Customer Care & Tech Support

The Goff’s customer care & tech support team is available to answer any questions you have about your Dock Guard system, making sure you not only get the most out of your investment, but ensure it runs smoothly for years to come.

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