Goff's Wash Guard Doors

The ultimate car wash door solution.

Eliminate costly maintenance and increase the profitability at your car wash. Wash Guard doors are built with corrosion resistant materials and are designed to break away and reset automatically if impacted.

Easy to integrate with your wash bay.

Our Wash Guard car wash doors fully integrate with your operations and safety systems to provide a seamless experience for you and your customers.

Stay up and running to maximize productivity.

Fiberglass wind bars yield to direct impact without permanent damage. In addition, they do not rust or corrode in wet applications.

Built to last design minimizes downtime.

Design includes stainless steel & aluminum header components, aluminum side guides, fiberglass wind bars & chemical resistant vinyl panels.



No problematic cables, wheels, springs or counter-balance systems. Our doors stay up and running longer, keeping operations a breeze.



Our doors stand the test of time featuring welded seams on door panels, corrosion-resistant materials, break away design & an IP65 Motor.

Wash Guard Elite

Deliver an Elite car wash experience.

Our Wash Guard Elite door fully integrates with your operations and safety systems to provide a seamless experience. Combined with customizable panels & the Goff’s standard features package, it’s the perfect start-to-finish feature for your car wash experience.

  • Door travels at 36″/sec, up to 120 cycles/hour.
  • Intelligent Control System with optional Smart Touch Screen interface.
  • (2) sets of IP67 through-beam photo eye safety sensors.
  • Aluminum door guides with optional integrated heating elements.
  • 32oz vinyl available in 10 vibrant colors to match your brand or building.
  • (3) vision panels and (2) NEMA4 push buttons.
Wash Guard Plus

Sustainable, reliable, and customizable.

Our Wash Guard Plus door takes commands from your operations & safety systems for easy functionality. Wash Guard plus features vinyl colors to match your brand, and a design built to last.

  • Door travels at 28″/sec, 60 cycles/hour.
  • Relay Control System comes standard.
  • (1) set of IP67 through-beam photo eye safety sensors.
  • 18oz vinyl available in 9 vibrant colors to match your brand or building.
  • (2) vision panels and (1) NEMA4 push button.

Durable Aluminum Guides

2″ Deep Aluminum side guides are resistant to rust or corrosion. They are durably designed to last for years to come at every opening in your facility.

Fiberglass Wind Bars

Durable fiberglass wind bars can bend if impacted without taking a set. In addition, they keep your door securely in the opening in cases of pressure or wind.

Premium Panel Material

All Goff’s Mesh, Vinyl, or clear PVC door panels feature welded seams, resist UV rays, and are rot, tear, and mildew resistant.

Goff's doors come standard with premium features.

Goff’s durable car wash door comes with our standard features package at no additional cost:

1. Full Width Header Cover

2. Auto-Reset After Impact

3. Auto-close Timer

4. Full-Width Window

5. Easy-to-Replace Panels

6. Fiberglass Wind Bars

Maximize your wash bay:

Achieve maximum capacity at your wash bay by incorporating Goff’s Curtain Walls in your wash bay area. Our vinyl curtains allow you to separate wet, messy wash down areas from the rest of your facility without having to build costly walls. Moreover, for your various wash bay projects, our Curtain Walls give you the separation you need, while still allowing full vision to the rest of your facility with their clear vision panels.

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Intelligent Control System Wiring Diagram
Intelligent Control System Wiring Diagram, , , , , , , , Downloadwiring-diagramharsh-guard-doors g2-2800 g2-4200 g2-5400 machine-guard doors clean-guard-doors wash-guard-doors motors-controllers g2-doors
Door Control Systems Product Brochure
Door Control Systems Product Brochure, , , , , , , , , , , Downloadproduct-brochuresmodel-2000-doors wash-guard-doors motors-controllers harsh-guard-doors g2-doors g2-2800 g2-4200 g2-5400 doors machine-guard clean-guard-doors side-seal-doors
Structural Door Support Frame
Structural Door Support Frame, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Downloadproduct-brochuresdoors g2-basic curtains g2-1800 strip-doors g2-2800 g1-doors g2-3600 clean-guard-doors g2-4200 side-seal-doors g2-5400 model-2000-doors chain-hoist-g2-doors wash-guard-doors machine-guard harsh-guard-doors fall-guard g2-doors
Site Survey For In-Jamb Style Doors
Site Survey For In-Jamb Style Doors, , , , , , , Downloadsite-surveyharsh-guard-doors fall-guard g2-doors doors g1-doors clean-guard-doors model-2000-doors wash-guard-doors
Site Survey For Projection Mounting Over Rolling Steel Style Doors
Site Survey For Projection Mounting Over Rolling Steel Style Doors, , , , , , , Downloadsite-surveymodel-2000-doors wash-guard-doors harsh-guard-doors fall-guard g2-doors doors g1-doors clean-guard-doors
Site Survey For Projection Mounted Style Doors
Site Survey For Projection Mounted Style Doors, , , , , , , Downloadsite-surveydoors g1-doors clean-guard-doors model-2000-doors wash-guard-doors harsh-guard-doors fall-guard g2-doors
Goff's Product Warranties
Goff’s Product Warranties, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Downloadwarranty-documentsafety-products g1-doors portable-welding-screens original-curtain-walls portable-sound-screens clean-guard-doors model-2000-doors aluminum-repair-bay wash-guard-doors side-seal-doors sound-curtain-walls clean-curtain-walls harsh-guard-doors roll-up-curtain-walls fall-guard outdoor-curtain-walls g2-doors doors welding-curtain-walls personal-safety-partitions curtains climate-curtain-walls strip-doors
Smart Touch Screen Info Sheet
Smart Touch Screen Info Sheet, , , , , , , , Downloadinfo-sheetclean-guard-doors wash-guard-doors motors-controllers harsh-guard-doors g2-doors g2-2800 g2-4200 g2-5400 doors
Relay Control System Info Sheet
Relay Control System Info Sheet, , , Downloadinfo-sheetdoors model-2000-doors wash-guard-doors motors-controllers
Intelligent Control System Info Sheet
Intelligent Control System Info Sheet, , , , , , , , , Downloadinfo-sheetharsh-guard-doors g2-2800 g2-4200 g2-5400 doors clean-guard-doors side-seal-doors model-2000-doors wash-guard-doors motors-controllers g2-doors
Wash Guard Plus Door Info Sheet
Wash Guard Plus Door Info Sheet, Downloadinfo-sheetdoors wash-guard-doors
Wash Guard Elite Door Info Sheet
Wash Guard Elite Door Info Sheet, Downloadinfo-sheetwash-guard-doors doors
Wash Guard Car Wash Doors Product Brochure
Wash Guard Car Wash Doors Product Brochure, Downloadproduct-brochuresdoors wash-guard-doors
Setting Limits on Direct Drive Motor
Setting Limits on Direct Drive Motor, , , , , , Downloadinstallation-instructionsclean-guard-doors model-2000-doors wash-guard-doors motors-controllers harsh-guard-doors g2-doors doors
Wash Guard Plus Face Mount Installation Instructions
Wash Guard Plus Face Mount Installation Instructions, Downloadinstallation-instructionsdoors wash-guard-doors
Wash Guard Elite Face Mount Installation Instructions
Wash Guard Elite Face Mount Installation InstructionsDownloadinstallation-instructionswash-guard-doors doors
Goff's High Performance Vinyl Doors Product Brochure
Goff’s High Performance Vinyl Doors Product Brochure, , , , , , Downloadproduct-brochuresclean-guard-doors model-2000-doors wash-guard-doors motors-controllers harsh-guard-doors fall-guard doors
Relay Control System Wiring Diagram
Relay Control System Wiring Diagram, , , Downloadwiring-diagramdoors model-2000-doors wash-guard-doors motors-controllers
Wash Guard Elite

Intelligent Control System

Goff’s Intelligent Control System features a PLC & VFD in a NEMA4X enclosure, available with our optional easy to use Smart Touch Screen interface. This programmable system is available for all voltage/phase inputs.

  • VFD motor controller to maximize efficiency & longevity of motor.
  • Programmable logic controller interprets multiple sensor and switch inputs.
  • Ships assembled and pre-wired in a NEMA4X enclosure. As a result, simplifying start-up.
Wash Guard Plus

Relay Control System

Goff’s basic Relay Control System (RCS) features a relay logic board in a NEMA4X enclosure. As a result, it interprets sensor and switch signals and control your door, available in a wide range of voltage/phase inputs.

  • Ships assembled and pre-wired in a NEMA4X enclosure. Therefore, simplifying start-up.
  • 1 or 15 second auto-close timer intervals, up to 4 minute maximum.
Wash Guard Elite + Plus

IP65 Direct Drive Motor

Goff’s IP65 VFD controlled direct drive motor is an air tight, waterproof system that provides a reliable drive system. Moreover, it features a wide range of functional options and requires little maintenance, maximizing up time.

Download our Control Systems Brochure

Want more info on Goff’s proprietary control systems? Download our brochure to compare our control systems to find a perfect fit for your facility.

Download Brochure

Every space is different. Make sure your door is the perfect fit.


Heat Tape

Heat tape for aluminum tracks to eliminate ice buildup in colder months. Available only for Elite.

Remote Control

Operate your door remotely from forklifts & vehicles to maintain productivity.

Pull Cord

Easy operation in close proximity for pedestrians, forklift, and vehicles drivers.

NEMA4 Controller

NEMA4 rated push button station available for outdoor or moisture-prone areas.

32oz Vinyl Colors

Custom colors available on request for Wash Guard Elite:

18oz Vinyl Colors

Custom colors available on request for Wash Guard Plus:

Face Mount

Door is mounted directly onto the face of the wall around the opening.

Projection Mount

Mount your door over an existing bay door with stainless steel projection brackets.

Door Support Frame

Add a door opening to your curtain walls with our free-standing door support frame.

Goff’s line of wash bay doors is built with variety to fit any application in your facility. Each custom car wash door includes Goff’s best-in-class warranty and exceptional customer care & tech support, delivered fast with our industry-leading lead times.

Choosing your door:

Things to take into consideration when choosing the right car wash door for your facility include: traffic type, door size, environment of the application, and sensor & building systems integration needs.

Goff’s doors are available in a range of speeds and sizes. We offer the Wash Guard Elite which travels at 36”/sec (120 cycles/hr). Similarly, we offer the Wash Guard Plus which travels at 28”/sec (60 cycles/hr). Whether you prefer top of the line or simple options, you’ll find a door that fits your needs. Even in harsh chemical or wet environments, our wash bay doors maintain access & maximize efficiency. With doors available up to 14’x14’, Wash Guard doors are a great choice for any opening at your car wash.

Our wash bay doors come standard with proprietary Goff’s control systems. These systems integrate with a wide array of sensors, building control systems, and security options to outfit your facility. Whether you’re interlocking doors to prevent cross contamination, or installing additional fire safety features, Goff’s doors have you covered.

Custom options:

Goff’s line of custom industrial vinyl doors feature a variety of colors and material options for door panels & headers. Take your company branding to another level by creating an appealing appearance, boosting company moral! Moreover, with up to 10 or 15 color options, you can customize panels to draw attention to the door. On the other hand, you can choose colors to compliment your building colors.

In the same vein, panels are easily replaceable in case of damage. There is no need to replace the entire door. Instead, replace the individual panel that is damaged. These are affordable and quickly shipped as needed.

Check out the Download tab for more information on everything door related!

Goff's 3 Year Warranty

Goff’s offers a best-in-class warranty package for the Wash Guard series from failure in normal use for a period of 2 or 3 years depending on your model. Additionally, this warranty includes all parts and labor as approved by Goff’s tech support team to keep you up and running.

Fastest Industry Lead Times

With the industry’s fastest lead times, you can have your complete Wash Guard Door System installed and active to provide maximum efficiency at your facility in no time. Therefore minimizing downtime & maximizing productivity.

Customer Care & Tech Support

The Goff’s customer care & tech support team is available to answer any questions you have about your Wash Guard Door making sure you not only get the most out of your investment, but ensure it runs smoothly for years to come.

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