With the number of aluminum manufactured vehicles expected to grow, comes the growing problem of not having a space to repair these aluminum vehicles for the collision repair industry. In other words, auto body shops are equipped to repair steel based cars, but do not have the necessary space to repair aluminum vehicles.

The Importance of Separating Aluminum Vehicle Repair:

Chemically, aluminum and steel do not mix. Repairing these two different vehicle builds in separate places must occur to avoid corrosion possibilities, ultimately compromising the repair and jeopardizing safety. Therefore, the use of an enclosed system will efficiently contain any risk of cross-contamination.

What do you Need?

Make your auto body shop aluminum repair ready with Goff’s Aluminum Repair Bay. Our completely enclosed repair station, made with flexible curtain wall sides and a PVC tent-style top, creates maximum separation in your shop, without having to build costly and permanent walls. Sand, grind, cut and repair vehicles without worrying. Check this box in your shop, allowing you to meet important separation guidelines.


Excellence Comes Standard.

Made with our vinyl curtain walls, our aluminum bay station has a full drive-through configuration, making vehicle entrance and exit easy as ever. Furthermore, all aluminum bays come standard with full length industrial velcro for attaching curtains to one another, a floor sweep to seal any gaps for maximum containment, a chain weight bottom to keep system taut, and a clear PVC window and tent top to allow for natural light and vision.

Goff’s is here to help.

Have questions or interest in talking about your application? Our team at Goff’s Enterprises is here to help you through the process and make your shop aluminum repair compliant. Start your project today by filling out our quote request form to get in touch with our team!