Loading docks play a crucial role in the success of your supply chain operations, which ultimately helps your business generate revenue. Ensuring that your loading dock is efficient, safe and productive is the only way to achieve the goal of being successful at the loading dock.

Though dock seals and dock shelters are different products, they accomplish the same advantages. One is just used over the other depending on your application and your needs. While there are numerous benefits to having a seal or shelter at the loading dock, here are 4 big benefits of seals and shelters that contribute to creating a better space for one of the busiest locations in your warehouse:

Enhance your warehouse operations with top-tier loading dock seals and shelters.

1. Environmental Protection

Its no surprise that your loading dock is the area in your warehouse that is most exposed to outdoor elements. Having poorly designed seals or shelters, worn out ones, or no protection at all allows all of those elements into your warehouse and any trailers doing loading and unloading of product. Goff’s Dock Seals and Shelters can protect your building, trailers and inventory from things like rain, snow, sun, or even pests. Furthermore, it can extend the life expectancy of your loading dock in general by shielding these hazards.

2. Safer Working Conditions

Speaking of keeping the elements out, this ensures one of the most valuable benefits: keeping people safe. Preventing environmental conditions from entering your facility will keep the floors dry, which prevents dangerous slips and falls at the dock. Furthermore, seals and shelters act as a barrier to pests and insects to maintain cleanliness, hygiene standards and even help prevent the risk of any pest-borne illnesses, making employees sick. This is true for both employees at your facility and logistic workers coming to your facility.

3. Increased Productivity

Dock seals and shelters facilitate smoother and faster loading and unloading processes by creating a stable environment. Ensuring your space is less affected by weather, contaminants and pests contributes to increased productivity. Keeping your dock clean and dry keeps it running at maximum efficiency and workers can keep performing their tasks with confidence, without being fearful of their safety. In other words, assets can be distributed faster, generating revenue for your company.

4. Energy Efficiency

By sealing the gap between the dock and a trailer, seal and shelters help maintain indoor temperatures, reducing the opportunity for heating or cooling loss. In other words, this improves energy efficiency and lowers operational costs. This ultimately saves you money and keeps your employees happy by keeping the environment they are working in comfortable.

Here at Goff’s, we offer a line of dock seals and shelters to ensure you have what best fits your application. We even have additional products to further benefit your loading dock, like Weather Wall and Bird Guard. Our goal is to help transform your loading dock into a reliable and safe space for all of your operational requirements.

Transform your loading dock!

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