Goff’s Enterprises Releases Dock Seals & Shelters Product Line

PEWAUKEE WI – Goff’s Enterprises, manufacturers of the Original Curtain Wall, other curtain wall products, and high-performance doors, has announced their launch of a new product line. Goff’s is proud to announce that they are officially in the Dock Seal and Shelter business.

“Space separation to improve productivity has always been our main focus, and we’ve been working to provide a solution for the dock area,” said Tra Tramonte, VP of Sales & Marketing. “Goff’s Dock Seals and Shelters create a barrier from harsh environments for trailers at the loading dock, helping many of our customers in a definite area of need.”

With a team of people that have many years of experience in not only the dock door business but the dock seal and shelter business, as well, Goff’s has been able to incorporate this new product line quickly and efficiently.

The Details:

  • Create a positive seal on the top and both sides of the trailer increasing efficiency and a more comfortable environment for workers.
  • Creates a barrier from harsh weather conditions for trailers at the loading dock.
  • Helps save on energy by reducing your facilities heating and cooling costs.
  • Head Pad Dock Seals, Head Curtain Dock Seals, Flexible Frame Truck Shelters, and Rigid Frame Truck Shelters are all available.

In addition to Goff’s new product line of Dock Seals and Shelters, they also manufacture dock doors, and dock fall protection systems.

About Goff’s Enterprises, Inc.

Goff’s Enterprises is dedicated to manufacturing high quality industrial partitions, safety equipment, and high-performance doors designed to increase productivity while creating a safer work environment for a wide range of industrial markets.

Goff’s strives to achieve timely delivery, superior quality, innovative products, accessories, and the employment of a knowledgeable, accessible, and skilled support and production staff guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.