Winterize Your Warehouse with Climate Curtains

Bring Comfort and Productivity to Your Employees.

Winter can present serious challenges for warehouse operations – particularly in cold climates.  Effectively heating an entire warehouse can be difficult, or even impossible, which can be a big problem if you want your workers putting in maximum productivity.  Cold temperatures can quickly sap workers’ strength, as well as hurting morale. Not to mention the cost to pump heat through an entire facility. However, we have a solution: Goff’s Climate Curtains! 

These vinyl curtains are specifically designed to act as insulating barriers while interfering with work as little as possible.  They’re also great in any situation where you need to keep particularly hot or cold temperatures contained.

What Are Climate Curtains?

Our climate curtains are made of two layers of 18oz vinyl, with a layer of 3M Thinsulate insulation in between.  This combination makes them extremely lightweight, as well as easy to move and work with. While still giving them superior insulate properties.

They are designed to be hung from the ceiling and can either be semi-permanent or attached to a track and trolley system for easy access.  Each panel includes overlapping panels on either side so that sheets can be attached without creating gaps.  Likewise, gaps at the top and the bottom can be covered with a valance that Velcros to the top of your curtain, creating a cold-proofed environment. And all this in a curtain only 1/8″ thick! However you utilize them, once they’re in place, they’ll give your workers plenty of protection from the cold.

Why 3M Thinsulate?

If you need a material that is thin and lightweight, but amazing at holding in heat, Thinsulate is among the best products on the market.  A single sheet of Thinsulate is only a few millimeters wide, and flexible, being made of extremely finely spun microfibers.  This makes it perfect for creating thermal curtains.

Thinsulate is widely used in many clothing industries and is typically seen in heavy-duty winter wear.  It’s also an extremely popular material for the creation of deep-dive suits, allowing divers to swim in near-freezing temperatures without putting their health at risk.

Take Separation A Step Further.

When creating entire rooms with Climate Curtains, take it one step further and incorporate a roll up door. Utilizing easy-to-use high performance vinyl doors will make your space accessible and help to keep temperatures regulated. Whether you’re in and out of your cooler space all day, or only need occasional access, roll-up doors are a great solution to further make your space energy efficient and cost effective.

Your Bottom Line?

The heat bill can get expensive in the colder months when trying to heat an entire warehouse or facility. You may have cold storage or areas that do not need to be heated. Create an entire room or block off sections of your open spaces with Climate Curtains. This will save on that electric bill and create more efficient operations.

Keeping your employees comfortable and productive while efficiently heating and cooling your facility will go a long way with your business.

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3 Important Applications for Sound Curtains

Reduce Noise in your Facility

Goff’s Sound Curtains are used throughout the industrial marketplace to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for employees. Here are three important applications for sound curtains that have helped our customers:


Control Machine Noise in Plants

Firstly, noise produced by machinery is one of the foremost challenges within industrial settings. This noise can limit effective and safe communication, preventing teams from working at optimal capacity. Working with sound curtains, teams can mitigate the noise coming from nearby machines and ensure work teams retain peak focus. Goff’s Sound Curtains are proven to reduce noise levels by an average of 10.75 db. This makes a huge difference when it comes to meeting OSHA requirements for industrial noise, and bettering your working environment.


Improve Employee Safety

Secondly, according to OSHA, if you have to raise your voice to speak to someone 3 feet away, noise levels might be over 85 db! However, at that level they require implementing a hearing conservation program to protect worker hearing. In addition to providing ear protection, best practice is to isolate and reduce sound at the source. Many of our customers implement Goff’s Sound Curtains to surround particularly noisy equipment or activities. This ensures noise levels are well below the safety threshold for employees. Our viscoelastic curtains can effectively absorb a wide range of frequencies. These curtain walls can be implemented in portable screens for on-the-go protection, or permanently installed around static noisy equipment.

Reduce Noise in Customer-Facing Areas

Thirdly, it’s common for there to be an intersect between customer-facing areas and noisy machinery. Whether you’re bringing potential customers on a tour, or simply processing an invoice, improve customer experience and safety by isolating noisy equipment or entire shop areas behind a sound curtain wall. Our Sound Curtains are available in 9 different colors to compliment your brand and interior design, blending in to the background to help you focus on the task at hand.

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