Gym Screen Dividers for Social Distancing

During the course of this pandemic, people have been forced to withdraw from their normal routines and activities. Fitness centers and gyms being one of the many luxuries most people have found alternatives for or given up completely. Getting back to a “normal” way of living is what we are longing for. As a result, Goff’s has created portable gym screen dividers for social distancing to help provide safety and get fitness centers and gyms up and running.

Gym Screen Dividers for Social Distancing.

With CDC guidelines to install physical barriers, such as sneeze guards and partitions between individuals in areas of close contact where maintaining physical distance of at least 6 feet is difficult, gyms can be tricky. Gym equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals can be extremely heavy to move 6 feet apart. Even removing the equipment completely and storing elsewhere can seem impossible. With portable fitness dividers, gym owners can place them between weight machines or cardio equipment without adjusting their floor plan.

We’ve Got Options.

All gym layouts are different so having different options for sneeze guard protection only makes it easier to keep members feeling safe. Goff’s offers two different sneeze guard styles or gym screen dividers for social distancing. Easily hang our Personal Safety Partitions from the ceiling leaving no footprint. These are minimally intrusive and great for front desks or static equipment areas. A second option is a floor-standing portable fitness divider. It is easy to move and great for cardio, lifting, yoga or other flexible areas around your gym. Goff’s also has the flexibility to create custom projects if you have a unique situation or are looking for something to fit your specific needs. In addition, all Personal Safety Partitions are antibacterial and are easy to wipe down and clean, just like your equipment.

Using Portable Fitness Dividers in Your Gym.

The safety and comfort of your gym members is your top priority. So don’t let the time consuming and tedious act of moving all your gym equipment and changing up your floor plan stop your members from maintaining healthy lifestyles. Below are a few ideas to get you started on where to implement gym screen dividers for social distancing.


Between Treadmills

Place hanging partitions between side-by-side cardio machines, like treadmills, to maximize capacity while ensuring safety for users.


Between Machines

Place portable fitness divider partitions in between your strengthening equipment with the opportunity to easily move them around for flexible coverage anywhere.


At the Front Desk

Place hanging partitions at the front counter to protect both employees and members while in close contact with one another.

Why Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions?

These portable fitness dividers and sneeze guards are clear and minimally intrusive allowing full visibility through the partition. They help users feel safe and separated without impeding on your space’s design or lighting. Since safety comes first, our easy-to-clean clear PVC makes sanitation quick and easy using isopropyl alcohol, maintaining a safe and clean surface on both sides of the partition for each and every user. Gym screen dividers for social distancing shield against airborne contaminants and viruses, improving safety and comfort. Using transparent PVC is much safer than plexiglass sneeze guards. As a result, they won’t crack or splinter, as well as meet USDA & NFPA 701 standards for safety and sanitation.

We Can Help!

Goff’s has been in the business of successfully separating environments for 30 years. Bring comfort, safety, and normalcy in a time of uncertainty to your gym members with our help. Goff’s caring, knowledgeable and experienced staff is ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Submit a quote if you have a custom application or shop now to outfit your fitness center right away.

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Transparent Shields for Schools-Reopening Schools in a Time of COVID-19

With the summer months sneaking by, schools are in a rush to make a plan for students and faculty returning to school in the fall. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this task looks different than previous years. Some districts are looking at postponing the reopening of school while others are looking to put strict policies in place to keep everyone safe. These policies include requiring face coverings, the logistics behind changing classes, smaller class sizes, and additional social distancing measures. Goff’s offers an option of transparent shields for schools to help with social distancing.

CDC guidelines recommends you “Install physical barriers, such as sneeze guards and partitions, particularly in areas where it is difficult for individuals to remain at least 6 feet apart.” Schools don’t always have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to adjusting class sizes or implementing the 6 feet social distancing requirement. Utilizing sneeze guards or transparent desk shields is a way to keep class sizes the same and create protection for students. Personal Safety Partitions are available in three different options to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools. Continue reading to learn what Goff’s offers and the many areas in a school they can provide protection.

For your School, Students, and Safety.

Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions come in three options to be used as transparent shields for schools. All of these options are made from clear PVC designed to be minimally intrusive, so the focus is on the classroom. PVC is also the safest option for desk shields, especially compared to plexiglass sneeze guards. Partitions are antibacterial and meet NFPA fire standards to maximize safety at your school. Custom sizes are also available from 18” to 120” designed to fit every desk and table in your facility. Below you will find options for hanging, free-standing on the floor, and tabletop desk shields.


Shield against the spread of contaminants and viruses in all areas at your school. The illustrations below indicate just a few of the applications Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions can provide safety and protection. They include: desk shields, hanging partitions. Not illustrated but also available: floor-standing portable sneeze guards.


In the Classroom

Full-width partition placed on top of the desks help students maintain visibility and classroom experience while staying protected.

In the Cafeteria

Protect your cafeteria while still allowing students to interact with one another. Additional desktop partition can separate students side by side.

At the Front Desk

Greet students and visitors at the desk without the risk of direct contact. Full visibility allows you to maintain safety & security at your school.

Implement Transparent Shields for Schools and More!

So, is your school ready to safely welcome students back this fall? Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions will prepare you to protect faculty and students. Bring comfort and normalcy in a time of uncertainty to your students and staff. Goff’s caring, knowledgeable and experienced staff is ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Submit a quote if you have a custom application or shop now to prepare right away.

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How to Safely Reopen your Bar

Bars across the United States are closing their doors for the second time due to COVID-19. The lack of safety measures taken upon reopening the first time caused most of these situations. Without proper precautions, there are too many close-proximity situations that occur in a bar. Goff’s has an easy-to-implement PPE system designed to separate individuals that can be utilized at bars and restaurants. Read further to learn how to safely reopen your bar using sneeze guards for bars.

How to Safely Reopen your Bar

Following CDC guidelines to install physical barriers, such as sneeze guards and partitions in restaurant kitchens, cash registers, host stands, or food pick up areas where maintaining physical distance of at least 6 feet is difficult, Personal Safety Partitions are the solution to keeping both your customers and employees safe. Our partitions maintain safety without reducing your space’s capacity. They also comply with OSHA, CDC, National Restaurant Association, and other organization’s guidelines. The guidelines are set in place for reopening safely and responsibly from the threat of COVID-19.

Below you will find three examples of the many ways you can safely create instant space separation at your bar:

At the Bar.

Easily install full-width hanging partitions to hang across the bar counter. This ensures the safety of customers and employees while serving.

Between Tables.

Portable Personal Safety Partitions can separate two tables for different parties. Easily move this floor-standing partition out of the way to seat bigger parties at your convenience.

At the Checkout.

Partitions can easily be hung at the check-out counter to protect both employees and guests while in close contact.

The Answer.

The question of how to safely reopen your bar can quickly be answered by implementing partitions into your floor plan. These clear PVC sneeze guards for bars are not only safer than plexiglass options but also more versatile. Our clear and minimally intrusive design allows full visibility through the partition. This helps users feel safe and separated without impeding on your space’s design or lighting. Our easy-to-clean clear PVC makes sanitation quick an easy using isopropyl alcohol. This maintains a safe and clean surface on both sides of the partition for each and every user.

Learn more about how Goff’s safety partitions can assist with capacity limits and their usefulness in other industries by checking out the Ultimate Guide to Sneeze Guards.

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Ultimate Guide to Sneeze Guards

The need for personal safety partitions.

So far, 2020 has shown to be a life altering year. The ongoing effects of COVID-19 has forced new government and CDC guidelines upon people and their businesses. One of the many new guidelines includes social distancing and staying 6′ away from another person at all times. Sometimes keeping this distance is not practical for the space. Especially when it relates to capacity issues, or payment and food exchange areas. The CDC recommends “Installing sneeze guards and partitions at cash registers, bars, or other food pick up areas where maintaining physical distance of six feet is difficult.” Goff’s Enterprises of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, has created and manufactured clear PVC sneeze guards for the solution. These sneeze guards or Personal Safety Partitions will keep employees and customers safe in areas that require close contact. Continue reading to find out why our transparent PVC option is better and safer than plexiglass sneeze guards.

Continue reading or jump to a section below:

Office        Restaurant       Dentist        Salon        Food Processing        Post Office        Waiting Room        Manufacturing

How it works.

Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions are flexible, clear sneeze guards that can be utilized in any environment. These partitions can be easily hung from the ceiling or floor-standing to create a movable option. The importance of accessibility and safety is not compromised when the sneeze guards are in use. Not only does Goff’s offer many standard sizing of partitions but we also offer custom safety partitions to fit your specific needs. Below you will learn how each individual industry or business can easily implement these safety partitions and keep their customers and employees safe.

"People are buying these products for restaurants, dental facilities, cafeterias and pretty much anywhere that requires close contact between individuals. Personal Safety Partitions help in adjusting to a new normal and preventing further spread of airborne contaminants."

Tony Goff, Owner of Goff's Enterprises

In the office.

Protect the area around your desk by installing Personal Safety Partitions. Many office buildings have drop ceilings in which the hanging partitions easily attach to. When a coworker or customer sits down across the desk from an employee, the office sneeze guard protects both persons from airborne contaminants created from a sneeze, cough, or anything similar from close proximity. Some office spaces have pods where four desks are put together without any separation. Social distancing may cause a need for a new office layout that is time consuming and potentially difficult to do. Adding clear safety partitions between the desks that make up the pod is the perfect solution.

At the restaurant.

Restaurants are currently dealing with capacity limitations from the CDC. CDC guidelines are limiting restaurants to 50% capacity and even 25% capacity in some states. Small businesses that are working with a small dine-in area may not financially survive with these low capacity requirements. Implementing Personal Safety Partitions and Portable Personal Safety Partitions will allow for more safe seating to optimize your capacity limit. Instead of placing tables 6 feet away from each other, place a hanging sneeze guard between two tables. This allows for double the guests in a safe environment. Need to adjust seating to accommodate a larger group? No problem, slide a floor-standing restaurant sneeze guard between tables to adjust on the fly. 

Just like a waiter would clean a table, restaurant sneeze guards are easily wiped down. Our PVC is inherently antibacterial, making them easy to sanitize. Special cleaners are not required and visibility is not lost. Cashier sneeze guards are also handy for guests picking up food or paying at a register. Quickly install a hanging safety partition between the guest and employee to provide comfort and peace of mind in this close contact space. Whether you have a large restaurant or a small diner, Goff’s safety partitions can be easily installed in many areas to keep your employees and guests safe while enjoying a dine-in experience.

At the dentist.

Many dentist offices and orthodontists have open exam rooms with a row of exam chairs accommodating multiple patients at a time. Installing personal safety partitions between stations will help keep patients and employees safe from any splatter that could be carrying airborne viruses. Since these sneeze guards are made out of clear PVC, they maintain the same open concept as if they weren’t even there, allowing full visibility.

In the salon.

Depending on your facility layout, moving where a client sits may not be possible. Salons for instance have stationary sinks built into the building structure. Maintaining a 6 foot space between clients would not be realistic in this situation if more than one client needs to have the product washed out of their hair at the same time. Installing a personal safety partition between these areas will help salons function as normal without schedule changes. Cosmetologists and hair stylists typically get paid per client so cutting back on their clientele in a day would greatly impact their income.

In food processing plants.

Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions comply with OSHA, National Restaurant Association, and other organization guidelines for reopening safely & responsibly from the threat of COVID-19. Sneeze guards are made of PVC material that is NFPA-701 and California State Fire Marshal rated for flame retardancy. This puts them at the high standard food processing facilities require. Meat plants and other assembly line food processing facilities require close contact between workers at all times, making the spread of COVID-19 very possible among the plant. Our sneeze guards ship pre-assembled and offer many mounting options making them easy to hang between employees throughout the facility. This will keep them safe, comfortable and continuously productive.

At the post office.

The post office can be a high traffic area during specific times of the day. Constant business at the same counter puts employees in danger of contracting airborne viruses such as COVID-19. Quickly and easily installing a hanging personal safety partition between the employee and customer is an easy and safe solution. However, resorting to a plexiglass sneeze guard is not the answer. Plexiglass can be dangerous because it cracks and splinters leaving little sharp plastic pieces everywhere. Plexiglass sneeze guards have many downfalls compared to clear PVC sneeze guards. Check out our blog post on why PVC is always a better option than a plexiglass sneeze guard.

Waiting room spaces.

Waiting rooms are another area that causes concern. Preventing the spread of airborne contaminants and viruses with a personal safety partition not only keeps customers safe but also makes them feel at ease. Slide a floor-standing Portable Personal Safety Partition between waiting room chairs or simply hang a sneeze guard from the ceiling. Cleanliness and safety are always top priority for almost every business. Our safety partitions are easy to clean and sanitize between uses. Making them the safety option to improve protection and comfort in your waiting area.

In manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturing facilities come in all shapes and sizes, creating different factory layouts. Since Goff’s has been in the business of successfully separating environments for over 30 years, this is no tough task. Custom options for personal safety partitions are always available if the environment calls for it. As mentioned earlier, many mounting options are available depending on the ceiling structure and height. Working with custom applications is our specialty. Providing safety and productivity to businesses in a time of COVID-19 comes easy when installing sneeze guards.

There are already many forms of personal protective equipment in manufacturing facilities. Personal safety partitions are also a PPE system that will help prevent the spread of airborne contaminants and viruses among the people at your business.

Protect your space.

In conclusion, provide your guests or employees a safe and comfortable space to live, dine, or work in. Do this easily by implementing personal safety partitions to separate areas of close contact between individuals. Rapid turnaround time, easy installation, and made in the USA are just a few reasons to work with Goff’s when implementing sneeze guards into your space. Interested in learning more about our Personal Safety Partitions? Download our brochure for specific product details. Otherwise, if you’re ready to secure safety measures at your facility, get started by shopping at our online store now. Skeptical about how you can make this work at your unique facility structure? Fill out a quote request for your custom measurements and our kind, experienced and knowledgeable staff will get started right away.

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5 Reasons PVC is Safer than a Plexiglass Sneeze Guard

If you own a business, you are probably looking into different ways to take extra precaution on safety to adjust to current guidelines. One of these guidelines includes keeping 6 feet of distance between personnel at all times. Sometimes staying 6 feet apart is not practical for all businesses to operate properly. In those instances, the CDC has recommended installing safety partitions or plexiglass sneeze guards to separate individuals in tighter spaces. There are many reasons that plexiglass or acrylic partitions are NOT the solution. Installing clear PVC curtain safety partitions are the better and safer option. 

Here are 5 reasons why PVC is a better option than plexiglass when choosing your sneeze guards:

1. PVC won’t crack or splinter into sharp pieces if damaged, keeping employees & customers safe from injury.

PVC is a flexible clear material which our Personal Safety Partitions feature. These can be hung from the ceiling or free-standing using an aluminum frame. Plexiglass or acrylic sneeze guards often crack and splinter if drilled into, knocked over, or damaged. This can cause injury to employees and customers if not replaced or handled properly. To avoid this, use PVC instead of plexiglass.

2. 50-75% lighter than plexiglass sneeze guards, making them easier to set up & move, and reduces freight costs.

Being 20% lighter material than plexiglass sneeze guards, PVC partitions are easily and quickly installed in large areas. No additional labor required. Some spaces may call for a large Portable Personal Safety Partition that needs to be moved frequently throughout a business. Having a lighter material makes moving a 72W x 96H partition no problem! Have a large space to cover? Purchase yours at our online store. Reduced freight cost is just a plus!

3. Our PVC is antimicrobial, typically used in food processing facilities for its easy sanitation.

Sanitation measures are the whole reason you want to install a partition in the first place. So, choosing a material that is already antibacterial only makes sense. Our PVC is used in food processing facilities where sanitation is top priority. Acrylic sneeze guards are not suitable for the food industry. Therefore, having PVC that is antibacterial will kill or slow the spread of bacteria and viruses on the surface of your safety partitions.

4. Our material is NFPA-701 and California Fire Marshal rated for flame retardancy.

When fulfilling safety guidelines, make sure your product also meets other standards. Unlike plexiglass sneeze guards, our PVC safety partitions are NFPA-701 and California State Fire Marshal rated for flame retardancy. This will give you peace of mind when installing new safety measures in your facility.

5. PVC partitions ship pre-assembled to simplify setup. Also easily rolled up for efficient storage.

There’s nothing worse than ordering a new product and finding out you have no idea how to put it together. Our PVC Personal Safety Partitions arrive fully assembled and ready to protect your employees and customers. Hanging partitions easily roll up for efficient storage if need be. Acrylic sneeze guards always remain stiff and inflexible making storage difficult. PVC allows for flexible usage and the ability to change locations in your facility easy.

Installing clear PVC safety partitions over the option of plexiglass sneeze guards will make your implementation of safety precautions much easier. Meet CDC guidelines and protect your employees and customers with Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions.

We offer several sizes of sneeze guards for hanging applications and several for portable free-standing needs. If you have a custom application, you can submit a quote and our customer service team will be happy to work with you. Get started at our online store.

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