Bars across the United States are closing their doors for the second time due to COVID-19. The lack of safety measures taken upon reopening the first time caused most of these situations. Without proper precautions, there are too many close-proximity situations that occur in a bar. Goff’s has an easy-to-implement PPE system designed to separate individuals that can be utilized at bars and restaurants. Read further to learn how to safely reopen your bar using sneeze guards for bars.


How to Safely Reopen your Bar

Following CDC guidelines to install physical barriers, such as sneeze guards and partitions in restaurant kitchens, cash registers, host stands, or food pick up areas where maintaining physical distance of at least 6 feet is difficult, Personal Safety Partitions are the solution to keeping both your customers and employees safe. Our partitions maintain safety without reducing your space’s capacity. They also comply with OSHA, CDC, National Restaurant Association, and other organization’s guidelines. The guidelines are set in place for reopening safely and responsibly from the threat of COVID-19.

Below you will find three examples of the many ways you can safely create instant space separation at your bar:


At the Bar.

Easily install full-width hanging partitions to hang across the bar counter. This ensures the safety of customers and employees while serving.

Between Tables.

Portable Personal Safety Partitions can separate two tables for different parties. Easily move this floor-standing partition out of the way to seat bigger parties at your convenience.

At the Checkout.

Partitions can easily be hung at the check-out counter to protect both employees and guests while in close contact.

The Answer.

The question of how to safely reopen your bar can quickly be answered by implementing partitions into your floor plan. These clear PVC sneeze guards for bars are not only safer than plexiglass options but also more versatile. Our clear and minimally intrusive design allows full visibility through the partition. This helps users feel safe and separated without impeding on your space’s design or lighting. Our easy-to-clean clear PVC makes sanitation quick an easy using isopropyl alcohol. This maintains a safe and clean surface on both sides of the partition for each and every user.


Learn more about how Goff’s safety partitions can assist with capacity limits and their usefulness in other industries by checking out the Ultimate Guide to Sneeze Guards.

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