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Enjoying the outdoors won’t be a problem for this lake house owner! The problem this customer was facing, was that the deck on their lake house needed a little more protection from the sun during the day, and the mosquitos at night. “A simple screen room would have worked, but lacked the ability to move up and out of the way to fully enjoy the view of the lake,” says our lake house owner. “Goff’s bug screen door solved all of our problems and more!”

Our mesh screen door provides a little extra shade, 65% of shade to be exact, during the day, and keeps the bugs away at night. Whether these doors are open or closed, the beautiful view of the lake they have will never be obstructed. “I said it before, but I am most impressed with Goff’s ability to meet our exact needs. They took a primarily industrial product, and tailored it perfectly to our application,” says our homeowner who was looking to improve how their family enjoys their lake house property.

The fact that the door has the ability to roll up and down at their convenience was also a plus for this customer. It made it very easy to get in and out of the deck area with just the press of a button. “I am a happier home owner because of the features this mesh screen provides,” they stated.

“Goff's provided everything we could have hoped, while simultaneously improving the aesthetic of our property, which most companies could not provide.”

“Goff’s flexibility to meet our exact needs was second-to-none. We gave them exact measurements and they nailed it,” they stated. We’re happy we could create this custom door layout to meet their sight-line requests so their view wouldn’t be compromised. “The functionality is great, however what truly stood out to me was the design and aesthetic of the doors. The black mesh really integrates well into the house and does not appear industrial in our application. It looks very sleek and minimal,” our happy customer says.

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