Upgrade to the Smart Touch Screen on these 6 doors!

More than you expected.

At Goff’s, we have a little saying among our team that dictates how we do everything we do. “More than you expected.” Whether in communicating with our customers, assembling product, or engineering custom solutions, we aim to deliver above and beyond our customers expectations in whatever we touch.

With that being said, we’re proud to announce yet another improvement to our door line. You will now have the option to upgrade to our Smart Touch Screen interface on all Intelligent Control System doors.

What is the Smart Touch Screen?

The Goff’s Smart Touch Screen technology offers an easy-to-use interface for our Intelligent Control System. With the touch of a finger, and 5 easy-to-use screens, you can access real-time data from your Goff’s High Performance Vinyl Doors. Our touch screen takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting problems, monitoring usage, or day-to-day functionality.


5 Easy-to-Use Screens

The Goff’s Smart Touch Screen is based on 5 user friendly screens for a variety of functions. The Home Screen displays your auto-close timer countdown, as well as Open, Close, and Stop buttons for door functionality. The Setup Screen is used to specify how your door will function, set duration for the auto-close function, and more. The Diagnostics Screen simplifies safety checks and makes sure your door systems are up and running. This reduces downtime and lowers your cost of ownership. The Fault Log Screen displays numbered fault code logs for detailed records on any failures in your door system for faster servicing. Finally, the Data Log Screen keeps a detailed log of the door’s total cycle count and total energy usage.


What Door Models can you Upgrade to the Smart Touch Screen on?

Our touch screen interface can now be upgraded to on all Intelligent Control System driven doors. This includes our G2 5400, G2 4200, G2 2800, Wash Guard Elite car wash door, Clean Guard food processing door, and our Harsh Guard wash down door. These doors represent our high performance vinyl door line, each rated to perform at 120 cycles/hour, and feature the best lead time & warranty in the door industry.

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