Wash Down your Facility with Ease

Goff’s Clean Guard door was designed & manufactured specifically for wash down purposes. This door delivers maximum up-time and productivity, while protecting areas from overspray and contamination. Our wash down door also:


01. Stands the Test of Time

Our wash down door is built with all non-corrosive, wash down ready material to take on your daily wash down tasks. Clean Guard is made with stainless steel components, fiberglass wind bars & chemical resistant PVC side guides to protect your door against any rust or deterioration, ensuring it lasts for years to come. Furthermore, it’s IP67 photo eye safety sensors and smart control system are specifically designed for wash down applications to stand the test of time.

02. Comes Standard with Premium Features

We believe all doors should perform to the highest of their ability without costing extra, that’s why Goff’s doors come standard with features other companies charge for. To provide environmental separation & prevent contaminants from gathering on the door’s inner components, we include a full width roll cover on all doors. Our wash down door is made with durable vinyl and clear PVC for visibility that can be easily and affordably replaced if ever needed. An auto-close time is included to ensure your space stays separated, minimizing wasted energy and cross-contamination. Lastly, our durable fiber glass wind bars won’t take a set or kink if impacted, always returning to their original shape. Goff’s standard premium features keeps your door running its best.

03. Rapid Utilization to Maximize Productivity

Since wash downs are required to happen so often, we designed Clean Guard to be fast & efficient to deliver maximum productivity in your facility. With the option to operate your door at 20″/sec or 42″/sec, our IP65 wash down rated motor and NEMA 4X Intelligent Control System with Smart Touch Screen will always reliably run your door when needed so wash down is a breeze.

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