Bird Guard

Prevent birds and other pests from making a home in your dock shelter area with Goff’s Dock Seal Nest Barrier. This seal is made of reinforced bird mesh and finished with your choice of keder or velcro edging making it easy to install. With its minimally intrusive and durable design, keep your facility looking sharp and bird nest free.

Nest Barrier Features:
•  Prevent birds from entering and nesting in unwanted dock areas.
•  Durable and minimally intrusive design
•  Pre-made and easy to install

Configure Your Nest Barrier

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    before-dock-shelter-bird-nest-barrier after-cropped-dock-shelter-bird-nest-barrier

    Slide the red arrows left and right to see the “before and after” of a dock shelter with a nest barrier installed. See the difference for yourself!

    Prevent bird nests in the loading dock:

    Goff’s Loading Dock Nest Barrier creates a physical barrier around the framing of your loading dock. This helps prevent birds from entering and nesting in your facility.

    Avoid Contamination:

    Landing and nesting birds create messy and contaminated loading docks, which can result in fines and plant shutdowns. Keep your dock clean by installing nest barriers.


    Made with our reinforced bird mesh, our nest barriers still allow for natural lighting to shine through and will not impede on your dock space keeping the area looking clean.

    Easy to install:

    We offer two different nest barrier designs that are quick and simple to install into your dock shelter for an instant bird and nest blocking solution.

    Goff’s Dock Shelter Nest Barrier is a simple addition to your loading dock. It is an easy and safe solution to deterring birds from landing and nesting in your dock seal framing, ultimately keeping the area bird free and clean. The bird nest barrier’s minimally intrusive design will not impede on space and allows for natural lighting.

    We’ve got options:

    Choose from our standard keder edge or upgrade to a velcro finish. Our nest barriers come standard with heat sealed keder for a durable barrier that you screw into your dock framing. We make all nest barriers in-house and ship them ready for you to unbox. Simply install into your loading dock framing for an instant and humane bird blocking solution. Alternatively, upgrade your nest barrier to include hook & loop velcro for a simple peel and stick installation method. All bird nest barriers will come at a length of 35′, giving you extra fabric to trim off for a perfect fit every time.

    Additional bird prevention:

    Looking for additional bird prevention and loading dock products? Goff’s also offers a variety of dock door options. Whether you’re looking for OSHA safety solutions, bug and bird prevention or even wash down situations, Goff’s has options to fit your specific facility needs. Visit our high performance vinyl door page to learn more.

    Goff’s Enterprises Inc. is based in Pewaukee, WI. We have been manufacturing a wide variety of flexible space partitioning products for over 30 years. Goff’s provides industries with custom products to improve safety, productivity, and profitability.


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