Basic Curtain Walls

Starts at $85.00

Configure your custom vinyl curtain wall below! Curtains are made to order, and typically ship in 1-3 weeks. If you don’t see the size, color, lead time or special features you need, please click here to request a quote. We have a wide range of custom configurable curtains available to meet your needs!

Please note, dimensions noted are opening sizes. We add 5% to the width for drape and deduct 3” from height to allow for track, rollers and floor clearance.

Curtain Specifications:

  • Select your curtain width (6'-24') *

  • Select your curtain height (8'-16') *

  • Add chain weight to the bottom of your curtain? *

  • Chain Weight *

  • Add velcro to the sides of your curtain? *

Mounting Hardware Options:

  • Choose whether you'd like to include galvanized steel track & nylon rollers to your order, allowing easy movement of your Basic Curtain Wall from side to side. *

  • Add curtain track & rollers to your order? *

  • Curtain Track & Nylon Rollers, $5.15/foot Width *

  • Shipping *

Need help picking the perfect Curtain Wall for your space? Contact us.

We have a wide range of custom curtains available. Whether you're looking for insulated curtain walls, wash-down ready Clean Curtains, or anything in between, we've got a curtain solution for you, custom made and shipped fast from our Pewaukee, Wisconsin facility.

Start your Project

Separate work areas to increase productivity.

Whether you’re separating work areas, or building a complete 4-sided area, our Basic Curtain Walls come in multiple stock sizes to create a custom configurable space separation system. Add optional upgrades to further secure your area.


Made in the USA and quickly shipped to your facility for expedited installation.

Available in a wide range of sizes for any custom configuration in your facility.

Create flexible space without permanent or costly construction and additional taxes.

Options for your industrial curtain walls:

Additional options are available to create the curtain that best fits your needs.


Track and Connectors

Goff’s universal track connector allows you to mount on the face of the wall or suspend from the ceiling making custom installations easy.


Velcro Edges

Add industrial strength, sewn in velcro to the edges of your Basic Curtain Wall to join adjacent curtains to one another.


Chain Weight

Include chain weight to the lower pocket of your curtain wall to keep it taut and straight.

Upgrade your industrial curtain walls:

Provide maximum space coverage with all the bells and whistles.

Goff’s Original Curtain Walls include all of the premium features you need to create complete and maximum space separation in your facility. Fully customize curtains to include strip door access, filter panels, or valance and floor sweeps. With options for custom logos and 12 solid vinyl colors to choose from, make your curtain wall system look like part of your facility.


Goff’s Basic Curtain Walls are designed to provide your facility with flexible space partitions. Our industrial curtain walls are manufactured in Pewaukee, WI using what we’ve learned from our 30+ years innovating curtain walls. Moreover, we allow you to build your curtain system from the ground up in a range of sizes, giving you the freedom of customization. Each industrial curtain wall includes Goff’s best-in-class warranty and exceptional customer care & tech support, delivered fast with our industry-leading lead times.

The set up:

Check the box to include curtain track and rollers with your order. This curtain track features our universal mounting bracket, which can be mounted to the wall, ceiling, or suspended via threaded rod. This allows you to customize where you add your space separation.

Submit a quote now to quickly get your industrial curtain wall ordered and start maximizing the space in your facility!


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