It’s that time of year! You’ve enjoyed the fresh air from your G1 Bug Screen Doors at your loading dock, but now it is getting a little chilly. Did you know that with Goff’s vinyl doors, you can easily change and replace door panels? Whether you need to swap panels because a forklift went through one of the sections, you want to switch out bug mesh for solid vinyl, or you just want to do a little “feng shui” and change up your colors, changing and replacing a panel is simple!

Replacing your door panel.

If someone in your facility damages a panel for any reason, you can give Goff’s a call and order a replacement. The benefit to a Goff’s door is that rather than replacing an entire door like other company’s will require you to do, you simply have to replace one section.

To replace your door panel, all you need is a screw driver and your replacement panel! Locate the wind bar above the panel you are replacing and remove one of the end caps. Next, you will pull out that section and any panels below it by simply sliding the material out, replace the panel, then slide the panels back into place. Snap the end cap back on, return the door web into the side guides and you’re all set!

Click Here to Watch the Door Panel Replacement Video

Another reason to replace your door panels.

Replacing your door panel when damage occurs is the obvious, and possibly the most common reason. However, utilizing the full benefits of your G1 Dock Door will have you leaving the overhead door in the upright position and the bug door closed, to reap the rewards of fresh air and shade factor. When the cooler months hit, you may still like the accessibility of quickly opening and shutting your vinyl door so you might consider swapping mesh panels for solid vinyl. This will help you keep your loading dock area a little warmer but still allow you to function efficiently.


Pro tip!

Here’s a little pro tip for those companies that like an extra speedy panel replacement and limited downtime: keep extra panels on hand! When ordering your next vinyl door, grab a couple extra panels cut to size. You can keep these on a shelf, and if damage occurs or you want to swap for the season, you’ll be ready to go!


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