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Goff’s G1 Bug Screen Doors are the best way to prevent birds, bugs and intruders, while allowing fresh airflow and a shade factor. Our team specializes in the production of bug screen roll-up doors, helping keep your space clean & comfortable, even at home!

The goal for this Wisconsin home owner was to block out the wind from the covered deck while still being able to see out to enjoy their outdoor living space. “The space seemed tight to mount the screen door to…” said the customer who installed these doors, but “we have sold commercial screen doors and knew this would work.” It ended up working well! What stood out the most to this customer about our G1 screen door was the fine mesh it is constructed with, the fact that it allows them to see out, while still blocking the wind, and that it can be opened and closed at their convenience. 

The customer shared that they have been impressed with the process in working with our sales team. “It was easy to communicate exact measurements and how we wanted it to work”.

“We are able to enjoy our deck more.”

The customer was not only happy that our screen doors keep the wind from blowing in during the warm month, but also snow in the cooler months allowing them to enjoy their deck all year round. Our mesh can help block bugs, wind, and even snow in some cases! A great feature of our doors is that the panels can easily be swapped out depending on the application. This feature stood out to this customer, allowing them to swap out their mesh panels for solid ones if needed in the winter. Our screen doors have helped them “enjoy the deck more”.

Looking to better enjoy your outdoor space? We’d love to hear about your unique application and how we can help deliver more than you expected! Contact our team to get a start on your project!

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