Goff's HVLS Fans

Provides high performance cooling.

Goff’s HVLS Fans deliver comfortable and quiet airflow throughout the entire year for a wide range of facilities. Furthermore, it offers a quick and simple installation process and sleek design. Lower energy consumption and costs, improve air quality, and increase satisfaction with our fans.

Delivers high performance cooling with anodized aluminum blades and 7 speeds.

Lowers energy consumption which ultimately reduces your energy costs.

Improves indoor air quality increasing worker happiness and productivity.


HVLS Fans can be used in a wide range of industries including: commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, education facilities, agriculture/livestock areas, sports centers, and more!



Our doors stand the test of time featuring welded seams on door panels, corrosion-resistant materials, break away design & an IP66 Motor.

M750 HVLS Fan

For large sized spaces.

Our M750 fan provides extreme value in large spaces where the ceiling heights range from 23ft-50ft. The M750 is available in diameters of 16ft-24ft and consumes just 700 watts of energy at top speed.

M650 HVLS Fan

For medium sized spaces.

Our M650 fan is perfect for those medium spaces where the ceiling heights range from 9ft-23ft. The M650 is available in diameters of 10ft-14ft and consumes just 275 watts of energy at top speed.

HVLS Fan Controller

Compatible with both the M650 and M750 HVLS Fans, our controller features:

1. Small size to save on space

2. One key operation to start/stop and control speed

3. LED status quickly tells you the drive status

4. Large and easily accessible power on/off switch

5. Easy to read LCD display

6. Simple design eliminating the need to assemble cabinets


Mounting for the HVLS M750 & M650 Fans:

The fan’s easy installation process, using only a single cable from the fan to the floor, makes for an effortless install. The HMI controller is located at floor level to reduce installation and maintenance costs.

Goff’s HVLS Fans deliver high performance cooling. Each fan comes with a warranty of 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor and exceptional customer care & tech support.

HVLS Fans solve your problems:

Goff’s HVLS Fans use their size to move air throughout large spaces to keep your entire facility comfortable, while saving on energy and costs. Our fans cost less to use than traditional fans and work better. Furthermore, HVLS fans give you so many other benefits, like improving temperature, reducing carbon footprint, quiet operation, improved air quality and happy workers!


Our M750 model provides extreme value in large spaces and the energy savings will allow you a fast ROI. Managing to consume just 700 watts of energy at top speed, our M750 works best in ceiling heights between 23ft-50ft and go up to a diameter of 24ft.


Our M650 model was designed for medium spaces, ideal for commercial spaces looking for a cost effective fan option. Consuming just 275 watts of energy at top speed, our M650 is meant for ceiling heights between 9ft-23ft and go up to a diameter of 14ft.

Check out the Download tab for more benefits and specifications on each model!

Goff's 3 Year Warranty

Goff’s offers a warranty of 3 years on all parts for our HVLS Fans and 1 year on labor as approved by Goff’s tech support team to keep you up and running.

Fastest Industry Lead Times

With the industry’s fastest lead times, you can have your complete Wash Guard Door System installed and active to provide maximum efficiency at your facility in no time. Therefore minimizing downtime & maximizing productivity.

Customer Care & Tech Support

The Goff’s customer care & tech support team is available to answer any questions you have about your HVLS Fan making sure you not only get the most out of your investment, but ensure it runs smoothly for years to come.

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