Portable Personal Safety Partition – 60W x 60H


Goff’s Portable Personal Safety Partition provides the easy-to-implement PPE solution designed to separate areas of close contact between individuals and provide your guests or employees a safe and comfortable space to live, dine, or work in.

Personal Safety Partition Features:
•  60″W x 60″H portable safety partition coverage.
•  Easy to clean & antibacterial clear PVC material.
•  Assemble in minutes using hand tools.
•  Easy to place and move in your space.

Common applications for our 60W x 60H portable personal safety partition includes between restaurant or cafe tables, gym equipment, salon chairs, manufacturing workstations, or anywhere with changing needs for protection.

Portable Personal Safety Partitions maintain safety without reducing your space’s capacity, complying with OSHA, National Restaurant Association, and other organization guidelines for reopening safely & responsibly from the threat of COVID-19.

Shield Against Contaminants

Prevent the spread of airborne contaminants and viruses, improving safety and comfort in your close-proximity spaces.

Minimally Intrusive Design

Our clear PVC design allows full visibility through the partition and creates a sound barrier between users, without being a distraction or focal point.

Better & Safer than Plexiglass

Our PVC partitions won’t crack or splinter and meet USDA & NFPA 701 standards for safety and sanitation. Learn more about why clear PVC is the better option.

Quickly Shipped & Easy to Install

Most orders ship in less than 5 days and are easy to get it up and ready in minutes to maximize the safety & comfort of your space.


Easy to Setup

Our portable personal safety partitions are designed for simple setup in minutes right out of the box, requiring only basic hand tools.

Easy to Move

Portable personal safety partitions are easy to move to serve changing needs on a moment's notice. Table for four? Simply slide the partition out of the way for a truly flexible safety solution.

Custom Sizing Available

Custom sizing is available by request ranging from 24”-144” wide and up to 36”-120” tall. Contact us for a quote!

Goff’s Portable Personal Safety Partition (PSP) prevents the spread of airborne contaminants and viruses, improving safety and comfort as individuals slowly reacclimate themselves to what is sure to be the “new normal” in restaurants, offices, dental facilities, and other public spaces. The portable sneeze guard complies with OSHA’s latest guidance on preparing spaces for COVID-19. Therefore, safely providing a physical barrier to reduce exposure to hazards without relying on worker or visitor behavior. According to the company’s President, Tony Goff, “People are going to be concerned about airborne contaminants for the foreseeable future. As a result, with these PSP’s, we hope that we can do our part to get things back to some semblance of ‘normal’. And do it faster and safer than what would otherwise happen”. Goff’s Personal Safety Partitions are hangable in any location without impeding on space, helping to create better public safety.

Why You Need Portable Sneeze Guards

  • Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone has been instructed to comply with social distancing guidelines for our safety.
  • As businesses start to reopen their doors, social distancing will continue to be a new norm and the Personal Safety Partition or portable sneeze guard goes a step further to ensure personal safety while improving comfort by stopping the spread of airborne contaminants and viruses between individuals.
  • Personal Safety Partitions provide a sneeze shield and splash guard against the open sharing of germs or contaminants between individuals. This prevents the risk brought on from the common sneeze or cough.

Goff’s Enterprises Inc. is based in Pewaukee, WI. Goff’s has been manufacturing a wide variety of flexible space partitioning products for over 30 years. Goff’s provides industries with products to improve safety, productivity, and profitability.

Additional information
Clear PVC Material

Our easy-to-clean clear PVC makes sanitation quick and easy using isopropyl alcohol, maintaining a safe and clean surface on both sides of the partition for each and every user.


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